Sunday Night TV

17 10 2011

When the heck did Sunday night become THE TV Watching night of the week?


Last night, I watched Amazing Race, Battle of the Blades, Cover Me Canada, Football, Baseball and X Factor!!!!

Move over wednesday night, Thursday night has met it’s match… Sunday night TV!

I was surprised to see X factor on, I guess I missed the ‘special time’ announcement. I also did not watch alot of that show to begin with (I hear I’m not the only one…) But lately I’ve been tuning in if I run into it. Does anyone else find it an absolutely shamless display of the ‘have and have not’ of American society to have struggling singer perform like court jesters infront of the Judges… at their homes?!?! I mean really. I reminds me of when Royalty used to have musicians ‘play for them’ to satisfy their amusement. It actually enrages me, if you couldnt tell. I don’t want to see the opulent estate and the famous friends of the judges. I don’t care, and it makes me feel bad about myself. There are enough things in this world that make me feel bad about myself, I don’t need Nicole Sherzinger’s house looking down at me.

There are some great singers on that show, as expected. That’s why I find myself watching it from time to time.

How about Amazing Race…are you watching this season? Amazing Race is one of those shows, like Survivor, where the format makes it a winner, no matter what. It’s an exciting show, consistently every season.

Battle of the Blades is starting to get good too… it’s at the ripe stage where the skaters are finally getting their legs and their talent is able to shine. They also did a particularly interested retrospective on the Sale/Pelletier scandal of the 2002 Olympics (has it been 10 years?!).

Last night, there were some great performances, specifically by Cal Hulse who did a ‘shoot the duck’ the end the skate, and by Tessa Bonhomme who is really starting to look the part.

Results tonight!

So what did you watch? There was something for everyone last night




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