DWTS Monday: Week 5

18 10 2011

It’s DWTS Week 5… and last night was a classic Week 5.

This is about the time when the cream REALLY starts to rise to the top, and the bottom dwellers stick out like sore thumbs.

Last night, the true contenders made an impact, and the others… were obvious. It was also 80’s night, so it gave producers an excuse to go gaudy with the decor, dress Brooke Burke up in shoulder pads and sequins, and bring in The Bangles as the performers. 80’s prom.

Let’s get to the dancing….. the dirty dirty dancing. Sorry.

Rob Kardashian is really starting to get to me, not that his personality should have anything to do with my critique of his dancing…. right? He’s a guy with no redeeming qualities… I’m sorry, beating your sister at DWTS is NOT a career accomplishment. But what really bugs me, is that I see absolutely NO passion for life, which translates into his loafish dancing. The judges aren’t as hard on him as they are on JR or others, because there’s no point. He doesnt really care. That’s my opinion.

Nancy Grace has one intensity level… high. However, I think that she was able to tone it down quite a bit last night for her ‘fun’ routine. Showing Nancy having a good time, being fancy-free and frolicking is exactly what she needs to stick around any longer… not sure if it’s too late for her, but this was, in my opinion, her best dance.

Hope had a lot of potential coming into this competition. SHe’s an athelete, she’s paried with maks, she’s got the body and the determination. But there is something NOT clicking with her and her dancing. She isnt connecting, she isnt really improving, and she can’t seem to infuse ANY personality into her performances. I get it, she’s not an actress, but honey… it doesnt take a great actress to smile every once and a while. But it’s her lack of improvement that bothers me…. she’s had pretty much the same scores every week.

Carson is nothing if not entertaining. However, as Carrie Ann said… it’s week 5. An audience can only watch ‘folly’ for so long before it becomes tiresome. Carson basically does the same routine every week, but with a differnt costume/outfit. He lacks grace, he lacks technique, he lacks dexterity. But he is having a great time, and showing it. Don’t worry, he’s not going to win… give him one or two more weeks at the most.

David’s star and talent are on the rise. First of all, his body is insanity. Pure Fight Club insanity. There is nothing sexier than seeing a man take charge on the dancefloor, and he is starting to take the lead and be ‘the man’. Obviously, the ulterier motive for him on thsi show is redemption… and it’s working. He is becoming a favourite, and people are forgetting about the goofy alcoholic married to a ‘Friend’ that he once was. His performance was great, even better, his determination is palapable.

Chaz is frustrating to me. This is a person who, if he was a soap star, wouldve been gone week 1 or 2. Now it’s week 5, and Cher was at the last dance…. so can we please all agree that it’s time for Chaz to go? He never doesn more than a shuffle or a slide step in any of his dances, and I don’t really see a mirrorball trophy in his future. He’s not a dancer, and never will be… so I think he has made his point, I think DWTS got their ‘storyline’ for the season… let’s reward dancers for their skill.

JR has latin roots, and he channeled them ALL in this dance. His hips were shakin’, body was groovin’… he found HIS dance! He also got the best lines of the night from Bruno and great scores, once again becoming the leaderboard topper! Yes, this was the dance of the night by a country mile, and I’m so glad that the judges rewarded him for his tenacity and wild abandon on this dance.

Ricki was the leader last week by a slim margin, this week she fell all the way down to 4th spot with her foxtrot. Yikes, quite a tumble. Not tha tit matters, she’s still a contender. Actually this shouldve been a great week for her, she was in Hairspray in the 80’s and could have done a more ‘Hairspray inspired’ dance to remind people of the nostalgic whimsy of that show. heck, even John Waters showed up (creepiest man in Hollywood… by far.) They can’t ALL be homeruns.





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