DWTS Week 5 Results

19 10 2011

I don’t think anyone will be upset with the results from last night’s DWTS.

Not that we don’t all love Carsons larger than life flambuoyancy and joi de viv… but at the midway point of the competition, this guy was starting o become a bit of a thorn the side of legitimacy.

you could say the same for a few others, who will hopefully meet their fate in the coming weeks.

Carson was not going to become a great dancer, but he was fun to watch for a couple of weeks…hey, he beat out early favourite Chynna Philips. Thats something to hang your hat on.

So Carson Kressly was eliminated from the competition.

Who’s next?

My ideal scenario would be: Chaz next… please, this is getting old now. Nancy Grace after Chaz, she may have one more ‘ok’ dance in her. And then throw it to the dogs to fight it out… Hope, David, Rob… all perrenial middle-of-the-pack -ers.





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