Survivor Pacific Island Recap: week 6

20 10 2011

It was an intense week on the Island, and it’s safe to say, the game of Survivor is underway!

It started with a major drama-queen moment from Ozzie after the Tribal council from last week, where his biggest ally was voted off. Look, nobody is perfect. Nobody makes the best decision 100% of the time. AND chances are, if you are a superstar at one thing, you have a weakness in another area. What I mean by this is that Ozzie lacks the social game. He always has, we just keep forgetting.  Calling out your tribe members and saying you’re a ‘free agent’ now and that you can win without anyone… is a really really unbelievably bad Survivor-suicide decision.

Good thing he’s useful and pretty.

on the opposing tribe, Russel Hantz’ ghost of a nephew is on the hunt for the idol. Deja vu? Little does he know the tables have turned, as his ‘ally’ Coach has already found the idol but doesnt have the ‘heart’ to tell him. That’s going to be ugly. Also, the team is divded on who the waekest player is between Makayla and Edna. Obviously, Edna sits out of every challenge, she is physically the weakest – but she has a strong ally in Coach. Makayla has rubbed people the wrong way all along, but she is an athletic member of the tribe.

At the challenge, Ozzie makes up for his little ‘moment’ and celebrate another win for his tribe. I really wonder what might have happened if they were sent to Tribal, would Ozzie have been the target?

Coach and his tribe duke it out at Tribal. Hantz jr says that loyalty is the #1 thing in this game and urges people to vote for Makayla because of a pact they all amde to stick together. In the end, that’s exactly what happened… Makayla voted to Redemption Island to face off against the scorned Elyse.






One response

20 10 2011

Makayla is a spoiled little girl. She sucked at the last challenge and should have followed coache’s advise. For her stuborness, she got voted out. She’s also very annoying thinking she’s all that when she isn’t. Model? Who are you kidding? She’s like a 5 on a scale of 1-10

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