DWTS Monday: Week 6

25 10 2011

If DWTS doesn’t MAKE your monday night… I don’t know what to tell ya.

I am absolutely loving this show this season, and yes… I agree with the rest of the world that Monday is a tough pill to swallow… but I also like to believe that network TV is doing it’s part to save the night for us.

Yes, it was another DWTS highlight  last night!

There is finally GREAT dancing, there is off-stage drama, there are major freak outs, major diva moments, major flops and a Broadway group number.

Let’s start with the individual dances:

Rob Kardashian – is getting better. I will admit it. He’s not as difficult to watch as he once was… but that should be a given considering that’s the ONLY thing he does all week. However, he has this unexplanable stunted movement that is obvious in dances that are meant to have continuous motion. He doesnt connect his movement properly… and that’s what gives him an awkward quality. he may still have a chance to ‘break out’ because there are worse dancers remaining. I really wish he wouldnt bring his whole family to the show – they are the loudest, most obnoxious camera whores of all time.

David Arquette has been getting better and better, but this week had a bit of a slip in progress. He wasnt bad, he has great personality and his movement is agile and refined. However, he was out of sync with his partner throughout the dance, so it seemed slightly ‘off’ for me. He is one that needs a true break out dance, maybe it’ll come next week if he sticks around.

Nancy Grace is not doing herself any favours by being a B***ch in rehearsals and revealing her ice queen self to the voting public. I like seeing tough women on judge shows… but I don’t like seeing the same ‘toughness’ while learning to dance to Spamalot. I mean seriously. Time and a place Nancy. I still dont understand why she can’t seem to smile when she dances, ‘Always look ont he Bright Side of Life’ has to be one of the only songs that it is IMPOSSIBLE not to smile when listening to it… she has an uncanny ability to ‘stone face’ any dance.

Hope Solo had arguably the most talked about dance in DWTS history after last night. Not becasue it was good, and not because it was a disaster, but because it was the perfect storm. Her video package showed her frustration at never getting good scores… her dance, from step 1, was not going to get her better scores. She was forcing ‘sexy’ on us like a $2 hooker, and her motion was not fluid throughout the piece. So the judges knew they had a tough job in giving her criticism. But they did. And Maks had a hissy fit on Len… telling him it was time he left the business. Snap!

I’m not going to dwell… if Maks didnt get emotionally involved, he would look at the dance in a totally different light. It was not good. Period.

Chaz Bono is a dancing disaster. What makes it worse, is pretending that somehow he will get better with ‘hard work and dedication’. He won’t. I do feel bad for Lacy, because it reflects on her if after 6 weeks… her dancer is still no better than week 1. I’m not even going to talk about the dance, it was the same as every other Chaz dance…. shuffle left and right, arms up at the end, bad scores.

JR Martinez made my night. Yes, thank you for pointing it out Len… THIS is the real reason we watch this show. To see people become great at dancing. And he is great at dancing! His movement is professional, his charisma is untouchable in this competition and his attitude is winning. He is in his own league (wih the exception of perhaps Ricki…) and is my favourite person to watch hit the stage.

Ricki Lake received a standing ovation and another leaderboarding leading score (tied with JR) for another great performance. As I was watching, it hit me once again the benefits of having a g reat partner. Derek sells everything, Derek choreographs fantastic crowd-pleasers and he is a spark plug to those who can rise to the occasion. Ricki is a perfect partner for Derek and that’s why she has risen to the top in this competition.

The group number was fantastic, and it really spotlights the true dancers from the stragglers.




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