Survivor Pacific Island: September 27

27 10 2011

Last night was probably a night that will go down in Survivor history and fan-lore.

New ground was broken.

We’ve had lies, we’ve had cheating. we’ve had alliances, we’ve had major blindsides, we’ve had trickery and even theivery. But Ozzie pulled off (at least the first phase of) a potentially groundbreaking move.

I’ve noted before that Ozzie is not strong in ‘the social game’. That is still true. That’s not to say he isnt a gamer, or that he isnt smart… he just does not carry himself with the same discipline or grace that others have been so successful with. He’s mopey, he’s moody, he reveals to much about his game, he trusts the wrong people and he can be an outright poor sport.

Look at last night, he concocted a great plan to send someone strong to Redemtion, in anticipation of the merge – to join with the tribe and give them numbers. However, most people who are sent to Redemption are the  weakest or the team’s outcasts. So the plan is to ‘sacrifice’ a lamb in order to be a lion come the merge. Ozzie volunteered to be this lamb.

That all changes when Cochran still can’t seem to get it together and loses the closely battled challenge. Not that the team wouldve wanted the ‘prize’. Seriously, watching a prescreening for ‘Jack and Jill’ the new Adam Sandler flop flick sounds liek the very last thing in the world I would want to ‘win’. I saw exactly 4 scenes, and I know the entire movie. Think about it this way (and then I’ll stop, I promise) they showed the funniest parts of the movie in those 4 scenes… and did you laugh once? right.

The real kicker was that Ozzie was facing his reality. He promised Cochran that if they lost that challange, he would happily sned himself to Redemption. The problem is that with Cochrans epic screw up, the team was not behind that plan.

At Tribal, Ozzie made good on his promise, and gave his idol to Cochran – essentially voting himself to Redemption Island. To me, that’s the really tricky element to this plan – never GIVE an idol AWAY! How many season have we had? Bad decisions look 50 times worse on TV, i’m sure it seems like a genius plan at the Island.

At any rate, Ozzie goes to Redemption… and if all goes well he wins the next challenge against Christine, and there’s a merge where he will rejoin his team, and get his idol back.

There are alot of ‘ifs’ in this plan… but if hatched to perfection, could be a real Survivor highlight.





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