Battle of the Blades: Halloween Episode

31 10 2011

The Halloween episode of Battle of the Blades has become a tradition, and I applaude how well placed the episode is within the span of the season (purely by accident, not design…)

The Halloween episode is usually the final 4 – which means that each pair is talented enough, and confident enough to pull off a creative piece in full costume.  *Also, Ron and Kurt have become endearing enough to pull off those ridiculous costumes. No one else Ron, no one else.

Creativity can really only flourish when the buts and bolts are mastered. Once the technique is solid, the pairs have the ability to try new things and add more flair.

Last night, was a perfect example of that!

Each couple took to the ice in FULL Goulishly delightful costume (thanks to the CBC wardrobe department) and pulled off their best dances of the season. Not only their best in terms of technicality and skill… but most free, most confident, most professional skates of the season thus far.

I was worried about Bryan Berard as just a ‘fan favourite’ – his size does not do him any favours on the ice, and at times he comes across as oafish and awkward. Last night, his size worked 100% in his favour! This dance was created especially for him and his ‘characer’. He was large and lumbering, but he pulled off some great lifts and kept in character throughout the entire performance.

I’m never worried about Tessa Bonhomme and David Pelletier. They always deliver, always surprise me, and are always confident in their routine. Tessa and David have been working on some pretty dangerous stunts, and last night… in true Halloween fashion, they scared the HECK out of me with a few of their death defying spins and lifts.

I have a ‘thing’ for Boyd Devereaux…. and I doubt I’m alone. He LOOKS liek a figure skater now, his lines are beautiful, his movement is fluid and gentle – he really stands out in his technique. He also pulled out a fantastic Halloween Wolfman routine that resulted in seriously high scores fromt he judges… and the first 6.0 of the season!

Lastly, Cale Hulse and his hair. He and his partner went the comic route and danced to Love Potion Number 9. Very cute, very charastmastic, not everone could pull that off. It looked more liek a Dancing with the Stars routine, because the performance value was so high.


I can’t believe one of these skaters has to go home…in my (humble) opinion, Bryan Berard is still lacking in finesse and performance. But I can make a case for everyone, it was a great night of skating!




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