DWTS Monday: Week 7

1 11 2011

Halloween week on DWTS is usuallu one of my favourite weeks.

The dancers are more advanced, so they feel the freedom to be more creative… and they have an excuse to dress up MORE than usual. That goes for the production team that has been given a serious raise this year, and really hits it out of the park with their set dressings and costuming this season.

I see Brooke Burke (Charvet) pulled out her vamp costume she’s been using since 1991. Honestly, with dress up 100% or don’t dress up at all. Like Tom.

This mustve been a tough night for Tom Bergeron, as the show aired mere hours after the news of Kim Kardashians 3 month long, 10 million dollar marriage ended. You KNOW he was just itching like crazy to say something snarky, but I’m sure he was givent the ‘too soon’ talk beforehand.

Let’s get to the dancing shall we?

I’ll start with Rob Kardashian – obviously, his entire brood wasnt there to cheer him on tonight. Only his less famous sister and his ‘kinda’ Dad who received WAY less camera time than usually allotted to the Family. I guess they had other things on their minds. Anyhow, Rob danced a tango to The Addams Family, and apparantly found a resemblance to his own Family. A stretch, but ok. I’ve told you how much him being on this show annoys me, I can’t take him seriously because I find him extremely insincere. However, if you keep around a dancer for 7 weeks, there will be exponential growth in abilities. It’s science. He was bound to have a really good week, and this was it. He was one of the dances of the night…. and how nice of Kim to help lil bro out by making her earth shattering announcement on voting day.

Next, Nancy Grace. Yikes. It is shocking to see such bad dancers still around…. but it goes to show that there are the ‘cream of the crop’, there are the ‘have potentials’ and then there are the leftovers. I don’t mean to be offensive, I’m simply saying that even with Nanacy Grace sticking around for 7 weeks, she has not really improved dramatically… nor has she really ever stepped out of her initial ranking as a perrennial bottom dweller. She’ll be there again this week, not surprisingly.

then there’s Hope Solo. I wouldve put her in the ‘Potentials’ category as an athlete, dancing with Maks, pretty face, good body. Here’s the thing, she’s never proved anything and she’s never had a ‘cream of the crop’ week. Last week, Maks stood up for her because i’m sure it is frustrating to have someone with potential, never reach it. This week, in my personal opinion her dancing digressed again. She reads like a book, every mistake she makes her face rats her out right away. She lacks performance, she lacks technique and she is awkward to watch. She didnt get the same whipping post reaction from the judges, which was a bit cowardly… but understandable.

Ricki Lake continues to be a strong contender for the win – what’s the deal with Derek Hough? What does HE do to get stellar performances from his partners? Mind you, he has been very lucky with his partners in the past… he rarely gets a ‘dud’. Ricki has eprsonality, she has talent and she was in Hairspray…. she’s got the motion of the ocean. This week, she found out that she has a pinched nerve, the doctor make sit sound like she could paralyzed if she coninues… but of course, she perseveres! Another great dance this week from Ricki, she’s making the race tough…

for someone like JR Martinez, who really has been the frontrunner from the start. The problem with always being at the top of the leaderboard, is that at some point you arent going to WOW people as much as the previous week,  and it will result in criticism. This was not JR’s best performance, but it certainly was not a bad performance. It’s all about timing and peaking at the right points in the competition – JR might not have eaked at the right time, but if he can bounce back next week… he’ll be back on track.

David Arquette is an example of someone peaking at the right time. He was slow to progress, but now that he’s ‘got it’, he’s really starting to pull out great performances to go with his excelling technique. This week, he lead off the show with a ‘bang’ literally, as a magician. He reminded me of a Snidely Whiplash character, and he totally sold me. Yes, he’s a goof, he’s eccentric… they probably have a hard time putting together a video package for him every week. But he is sincere, he is entertaining and I think he’s producing quality dances week after week.


I’m hoping for Hope or Nancy to go home tonight… however, we could have a ‘scare’ if one of the frontrunners doesnt get enough support.




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