DWTS Week 7 Elimination

2 11 2011

Legitimate shocker on last night’s DWTS Elimination show.

No, I’m not talking about Justin Beiber’s hair

I am talking about the pure travesty that occured as the results were read.

I think it was pretty obvious last night who the weak dancers were: Nancy and Hope were shoo ins for bottom two.

But that is not what went down – instead, Nancy was joined by David Arquette – a man who had another solid perofrmance, and a bit of a break out week. He received nothing but praise and high scores from the judges… and was comfortably considered a contender.

Somehow, he knew… after being announced as a bottom two – he candidly said “Curtains closing tonight” (or something…) and low and behold… David Arquette eliminated from DWTS last night

I’m upset. It’s not right.

I feel like I have things pretty much figured out,  but every once and a while I am stumped. Was it David’s kooky personality? Was it his question of fidelity or sobriety? Was it a lack of connection, lack of ability or was it because his star had faded?

Can I ask something… who the heck is voting for Nancy?





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