Survivor South Pacific Episode 8

3 11 2011

Alot of questions to be answered in last night’s Survivor.

Would Ozzie’s plan to win the challenge at Redemption Island work? Yes.

Would the teams merge? Yes.

Would Cochran give back the Idol? Yes.

Would anyone become a flip flopper at Tribal? You bet.

The merge is so intoxicating it can really mess with your game. It gives you ideas. It gives you hope. It gives you more options to play with if you’re a gamer or a complete outsider.

I think we can agree that Cochran is both an outsider and a ‘gamer’ (not like Russel Hantz or Boston Rob gamer, but a sneaky little devil). He is the perfect candidate for a flip flopper.

As soon as Ozzie won the challenge, and the two teams officially merged… both teams split off to ‘stay strong’ in their tribes. The ONLY person doing any interacting with the other tribe was Cochrane, who was apparently given that ‘role’ by his teammates. They arent the brightest crayons in the box, that whole tribe has made some seriously headscratching decisions along the way.

At any rate, the pther tribe seems almost cultish in their allegiance to each other. However, picking off the weak and making them a part of your alliance is exactly the kind of move Survivor is known for. Cochran shared his distrust and dislike for his tribe, and opened the doors for a flip flop.

This is Survivor, there are so many game nuances that come into play every time you make a move. At Tribal council, Ozzie gave the Idol to one of the girls, thinking the other tribe was voting for her. They werent. They voted for Keith. Ozzies tribe votes for the cowpoke – and it’s all tied up. IN the second vote, Cochran flips the switch, and votes Keith to Redemption Island.

This kid reminds me of the tattle taler – everyone hates a tattler, and man, is he ever going to get the wrath of his former teammates. ‘Just you wait til we get home!’

But Keith is at Redemption, which means that part of the game still exists… no one is every really ‘gone’ gone until they’ve faced their final duel.



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14 11 2011
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