X Factor Top 12 Results

4 11 2011

The X Factor had it’s first audience -voted elimination last night.

Results show formats are tired and never change… it’s an hour of ‘fluff’ and 4 minutes of watching someone’s dreams get trampled on, somtimes they even draw out the agony by forcing the act to sing/dance after they’ve been crushed on live TV.

To me,  the dance/sing for your life before the actual rsults is also a bit of a kick in the teeth. It does nothing, it serves no purpose but to fill time. The reason they are in the bottom 2 is because not enough people enjoyed sitting through that song/dance the night before. Why do we need to sit through it again? Particularly in shows where the judges have no ‘save’ power or decision making veto. It’s pointless.

Last night, two groups were in the bottom 2 – proving once again that Paula Abdul is no genius or star-maker. Yes, it is difficult to have the groups, but the problem with her groups is that they are not current, relevant or even self-made. 2 of the 3 groups were put together by Paula (ahem… with some help I’m sure) to compete. It’s like Making the Band, or The Monkees… it’s not a real life group of friends or people who have been together for years. It shows.

at any rate, the first group officially eliminated by the public vote, was inTENsity. The group of 10 tweens bouncing around to sticky pop music mixes.

Theres just no audience for that. The last time that format worked was… The last installment of the Mickey Mouse Club I guess.


X Factor is certainly not reinventing the wheel by any stretch… as we predicted, it’s the combination of Americas Got Talent and American Idol… with a different sponsor.



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