Battle of the Blades: Final 4

7 11 2011

Down to the final 4 skaters on Battle of the Blades : Curtis, Boyd, Bryan and Tessa.

They all showed off their Top 4 skills in last night’s performances – which also included brief solos.

It’s obvious that now, the stakes are higher and the bar has been raised every week, so each skater is trying desperately to stand out form the crowd and distinguish themselves as the true leader. However, I think all 4 have a shot of winning the Battle of the Blades title this season. No help from the judges who are giving high scores to all the skaters now.

I think Curtis may be the strongest male pair of them all. He has the physical strength, but also moves with such accuracy and grace. I can really see his tranformation and growth week after week.

Tessa tried a very difficult stunt, which unfortunately did not pay off. But, she had the most technically difficult routine and pulled off other elements to flawless perfection.

Boyd has become a finesse skater and can channel his performance-side better than anyone else in the competition. He’s starting to look like a figure skater now!

Bryan seems to have the audience and the judges wrapped around his every performance. He still has that oafish quality, but his passion and perseverance is inspiring to watch. I don’t know that I would’ve given them a perfect score…

So who will go home tonight?




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