DWTS: Final 5 November 8

8 11 2011

The final 5 took the stage last night on DWTS.

Is this really your Final 5?

Rob Kardashian, Nancy Grace, Hope Solo, JR Martinez and Ricki Lake?

I don’t know that I wouldve let Rob, Nancy or even Hope get this far… but alas, the group is not as strong as past seasons in my opinion. However, if  ‘shockers’ and upsets hadnt gotten rid of David Arquette, Chynna Philips or even Kristen Cavallari… we may  have a stronger final group.

Last night, the final dancers DID step it up – the quality of dancing was the highest it has been all season – even from perrennial bottom dwellers Nancy, Rob and Hope. The addition of the ‘instant dance’ was supposed to show us who can really ‘dance’ on the spot… but the reality is, all the pairs practice a routine… no matter what the music is, they stick to the script. I dont think that proves much – if anything it disproves their growth as dancers because they look like robot monkeys who prepare a routine and don’t even need the music to perform it.

Rob Kardashian – had a great week last week, and was riding high. He performed probably his best dance this week in terms of his comfort level and performance level. Can I just ask, what IS the deal with the Kardashian rear end? Rob has a serious booty – it might even be better than Kims. Just sayin. Yes, Rob is peaking at the right time -his mother must be so proud to have all of her children making headines recently.

His instant dance was a little bit off putting, or was it just the pants? He seemed a little thrown by the process, but he maintained his speed and composure so he effectively pulled it off.

Nancy Grace– went back to herbread and butter, the ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ scowl she has made quite a few bucks off of in her lifetime. However, i have never been a fan of bringing it to the dancefloor…every week. This week, the dance called for it so she brought it. She was vampy and strong – but still, this woman really has no place in the final 5 based on her abilities. She is clunky when she dances, her facial expression rarely changes and she does not perform the same quality of movement as her counterparts.

Her instant dance was actually better than her first performance, because it took her away from her ‘dark brooding’ persona and forced her to kick it up a notch.

Hope Solo– is not my favourite dancer, I’ll admit it. THere’s something about her performance that always seems forced and hesitant. But, I will say that I enjoyed more than usual last night. She was feminine without being a playmate or a hooker (same thing?), she was fun without feeling contrived, and she was elegant without looking wooden. This Hope Solo is not as hard to watch as the other overly agressive, overly emotional, awkward athlete that we’ve seen in the past.

Her instant dance was also better than expected. I thought she would have the most trouble, because she tends to over-prepare and get out of sorts if anything goes awry. She held it together and performed, what looked to be, a very fast tempo, technically demanding jive.

Ricki Lake – it doesnt surprise me that she has made it this far, I predicted that fromt he start purely based on her fanbase, celebrity status and personality. What DOES surprise me is how good she has become. She is now starting to work on very nit picky elements of her dance, and that’s when you know you’re getting more and more professional about your approach. She doesnt work on basic movements, she works on her angles, heel leads, shoulder placement. Her dancing is very high quality, and this week she had to perform 2 totally different dances. Her slow romantic dance was lovely…

Her instant dance was also very impressive. She was able to turn up the speed and intensity and perform the bobby socks off her jive! She has really emerged as a stand out, and a true contender for the title.

JR Matinez – came to WIN last night! Seriously, it was HIS night and everyone else was a spectator. He and Karina knocked two dances out of the park last night, and he is back on top of the leaderboard as he should be. He looks like a pro – his footwork is preceise, his energy matches his partner, he looks totally in control and confident… he just came out gangbusters last night!

His instant dance took on a new personality – even though he had rehearsed sections of the dance, it seemed to all come together once the music played. Thats what is supposed to happen… the music puts the soul into the movement.


Which misfit will go home tonight? Obviously, it is clear who the Top 2 are after last night…




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