DWTS: Top 4 Semi Final Dancers

9 11 2011

Who will be in the DWTS Semi Finals next week?

The Top 5 became a Final 4 last night on the DWTS results show.

At this point, there is an our’s worth of content to fll before revealing the obvious… Nancy Grace eliminated from DWTS. Not a huge surprise by any stretch, perhaps the surprise is how long she actually stayed in the competition.

I have to keep reminding myself not to bothe rwith the first… 55 minutes of the show. I can’t take it. It’s drivel, useless interviews, recaps, dramatic lighting cues, people trying to sell CD’s and other products. Both of the singers have albums coming out, and these next few dances are brought to you by Macys. Look there’s a Kardashian, or a Jackson, or a Lohan or a nobody from the ABC show no one watches.

Enough about that, sorry, seomtimes I fall into the trap of using my blog to spew my aggrivations. Apologies. The real news story is that Nancy Grace is out of the competition… and so is my new favourite pro-dancer of the year, Tristan. Swoon. An accent goes a long way…

So your final 4 Dancers in the semi finals are:

Rob Kardashian
Hope Solo
JR Martinez
Ricki Lake





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