Greys Anatomy November 10th

11 11 2011

At this point, we all know Greys Anatomy can be the best show on TV when it wants to be.

No other show can produce such heart wrenching drama, jaw dropping moments, and memorable scenes. Particularly during Sweeps, or season premieres/finales – Greys Anatomy can hit some serious out of the park grand slam episodes.

Last night, it delievered once again. The writers are so unafraid to go into some seriously dark situations and make you think about life differently.

There were 2 scenarios that kept you on the edge of your seat (couch) all hour long.

1. Meredith and Derek get the news that Zola will not be returned to them. Meredith goes out with Carev to save a premature baby with breathing complications. It’s a dangerous mission because the baby is so small, and requires an intubator to keep it safe on the trip between hospitals. In the pouring rain, in the middle of the night… the hospital van breaks down and the driver runs to get halp leaving the two in a ticking timebomb as the van has stopped right in the middle of a road. Deserate to save the baby, Carev and Merdith hold tight… but are sent flying as a crash occurs. They wrap the baby and head out… the final scene shows three or 4 people lying on the road, and another van on fire beside them. Gut wrenching.

2. at the end of  the last episide, Teddys husband is rushed to the ER throwing up blood. Teddy is totally involved, but cannot be the surgeon. She wants Yang to do the life saving procedure, but the decision is NOT to reveal who the patient is… allowing Yang to do her best work without emotional implications. Yang goes in overconfident and blase. After a huge complication, other surgeons try desperately to revive the patient… but Henry is decalred dead on the table! Owen then has to tell Yang who she was working on… can you imagine the horror?

Owen cannot bring himself to tell Teddy her husband died… but you won’t be able to keep that secret for long.

This is the last episode for a long time, after the holidays I assume… Holy cliff hanger Batman! Not that I’m surprised, these shows are notorious for taking long breaks. But if it menas they are going to coninue to bang out amazing television as a result? Take the time you need Greys, I’ll be here waiting for when you return…




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