DWTS: Semi Finals November 14

15 11 2011

The semifinalists took the stage last night on DWTS.

Rob Kardashian, Hope Solo, JR Martinez and Ricki Lake are the Final 4 ‘Stars’ in the Running… after 3 dances each last night, we should have a pretty good idea of who should take home the title…. right?

As they say (who?) ‘that’s why they play the game’. Because I could write you a perfect script for what I think could/chould happen… but in reality, sometimes people drop the ball, sometimes people surprise…and that’s why they play the game.

I definitely couldnt have predicted this Final 4 at the start of the season. And I definitely couldnt have expected what happened last night…

What i CAN’T figure out, is what is ‘real’ and what is ‘storyline’.

For example – we’ve been waiting for Rob Kardashian to peak all season, giving him lots of chances, lots of opportunity to have his family in the audience, lots of time probably not warrented, to improve and become  passionate dancer. Well, last night… he was on top of the game. He was smooth, he was entertaining, he seemed very focuse and confident. Being a cycnic… there was something still rubbing me the wrong way. Then it happened. When asked WHY he should be a finalist, he turned to the camera and said “Because I LOVE to dance”. Shuldve added the million dollar wink to his mother in the crowd. Because he has completed his story arch set out from the very beginning of his casting. Rob becoming a man. Rob finding his way without his sisters. Rob learning to become passionate about… something/anything.

Next Hope Solo, as unpredictable as it gets. Because she had potential on the first week, then she went flat, then she fell backwards, and now she’s just hanging on. I don’t know who is voting for her, I don’t know if I am seeing something differnt from everyone else, but the girl can’t dance and it’s the semi finals. You can see her following her steps in her head, and then getting occassionally thrown around by Maks and strategically wearing costumes that excentuate her ‘lines’ and figure. Those pants with the tassles? Those are specifically designed for people without hip action, because they mask the lack of movement underneath. Enough… sorry. She was not great last night, but has she ever been? She was the bottom dancer by a large margin… so if I was writing the story, she’d be gone (weeks ago).

Next, Ricki Lake, who has made quite an impression and become quite a good dancer in this process. I give more than half the credit to Derek… both for designing dances that will embellish her strengths, and for bringing in the ‘grandma’ vote (yes, my grandma still votes for ‘Derek’ without knowing his partners name). But Ricki is a pro at this point, she knows her body, she knows her technique, she has the personality and gets into character better than anyone else. The X Factor as they say. I think she has a larger appeal than any other dancer, and I think that her rise to excellence is commendable. She got great marks last night, and I dont see her NOT making the finals.

Lastly, JR Martinez, who was riding high after two perfect scores last week. However, here is where that saying rings true… you’ve got to play the game. JR faltered last night, and not just because his ankle was twisted. He was suffering, it waws obvious. But the problem is not the suffering, it’s the defeat. He looked defeated. He hardly looked at the camera, he hardly flashed his meg watt smile. He was not present, and I feel like he wanted the night to be OVEr so that he could rise from the ashes and make his triumphant rebound. The problem is, he may not have the votes to pull that off. I dont know for sure, but what I DO know, is that people dont like to see defeat… or a mope. JR is still an elite dancer, and outdanced Hope for sure.. but he might’ve been dethroned after last night’s performances.

We shall see…






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16 11 2011
DWTS: Semi Finals Results « TV Night Blog

[…] of course always gets me thinking… its a script. Obviously, JR had a hard night on monday (read my review to remind yourselves) but producers know jsut as well as we do… JR needs to be in the finals […]

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