X Factor Results: November 17

18 11 2011

We’ve obviously GOT to talk about what happened last night on the X Factor.

The show needed SOMETHING to make people talk about it…

and it happened on last night’s results show.

If you saw the performances on wednesday night, there were a few standouts, and few really useless, meaningless performances. Also, the song choices were atrocious, like…really awful. Simon was right in emphastically pointing out that it WAS Rock week, yet none of the mentors seem to get that memo. We had Bob Marley (dont try and justify it, he aint rock n roll) we had Celine Dion (ok…just because you have big hair, doesnt make you Rock n Roll) Bob Seger? UGh.

But Simon didn’t do much better – yes he chose ‘rock bands’ – but the songs themselves were not Rock n Roll.

I’m getting off topic – except that I feel like the dreadful song choices were actually what determined last night’s bottom 2. Child prodigy Astro and Mama wonder Stacey Francis were the bottom 2.

It is surprising based on their bodies of work thus far – but not at all surprising when you consider their performances on wednesday. AStro didnt even attempt to change his style to fit the genre. Stacey absolutely flatlined on her performance of ‘Its all Coming back to Me’ – in fact, it just reminded me of how talented Celine Dion is… unfortunately, a very bad rendition of the song.

The other thing that didn’t win Stacey many votes was her cut-eye, witch-face after receiving bad reviews… girl, you gotta work the camera. People don’t liek a pouter, at all costs, smile.

The really BIG news of the night was that Astro did what many contestants in every competition show have wanted to do but never had the ‘brat’ in them. He virtually refused to ‘sing for his life’. I ahve always said this… why would you want to sing when you know people didnt really like it in the first place? In this case, however, you are singing for the judges final decision… yah, sing monkey sing! I’m sure it’s an icky feeling, but you are too young to be spoiling any chances. This was a Kanye move. No one likes a bratty kid, no one like a bratty grown man… and imagine if he wins this gets rich… he will be a monster, he will be Kanye West for the next generation. Lovely. Can’t wait.

At any rate, Stacey‘s performance was enough to send her home… but Astro certainly got it handed to him by the judges. A Tiger can’t change his stripes in a day, but hopefully he’ll learn a lesson or two after his behaviour last night.





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24 11 2011
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