DWTS Season 13 Finale

22 11 2011

Last night, the Final 3 danced for their shot at the title of DWTS Season 13 Champion.

This title holds alot of weight… seriously. It may be bright and gaudy, but the Mirrorball means more than just a big bling-ball for your mantle. Past winners have gone on to catapoult their careers to new heights… you’re almost guaranteed your own show, hosting gig, morning/late night show rounds and a People Magazine cover.

Trust me, they all want this BAD.

and it showed… although not the Top 3 I wouldve expected, these 3 definitely rose to the ocassion and put on a great show. It’s truly amazing the tranformation from week 1 to the finals dances… it really validates the process.

Let’s get to last night – each dancer had two dances, one being the infamous ‘ Freestyle’ that can win or lose the competition, and one was ‘judges choice’.

Rob Kardashian– started with a lacklustre waltz. It was slow and pretty, but I think by the end he lacked the focus to keep his carriage and lines in full form. The judges though, were not so harsh giving him all 9’s to start with. His Freestyle was a real tribute to Cheryl Burkes genius. It started off graceful, and ended with booty shaking and energy. It was definitely a culmination dance… a dance that showed Rob’s transformation and skill level. Like at a recital, you give it your best shot…and that’s what Rob did. Kudos to Cheryl, it was a great Freestyle with tons of great moments and super high scores.

JR Martinez – Has been snake bitten recently, his scores have not been as solid, and he really needed a comeback week in a big way. It didnt start off well for JR (however, if you’ll notice, the judges reserved the high scores for the Freestyles) Not that the dance was bad, infact I thoroughly enjoyed it! The dance was not perfect. It was behind in parts and i guess there were some music issues… so JR received a mixed bag of scores. JR made his comeback in his freestyle, liek we all knew he could! He shimmy-ed and shook everything his mama gave him, and nailed some very dangerous lifts and spins. Wow. Just wow. Len is right, Karina is an unbelievable dancer/choreographer and she has been dealt some pretty rough cards… finally, she got an Ace and she deserves, as much as he does, to receive some recognition. Awesome Freestyle, it might be the ‘winner’ we were looking for.

Ricki Lake- Needed to stand out. She hasa been kind of quietly punching her card tot he finals, she needed a BIG final. She started out with a fast-paced, frantic dance in a sexy red number. She has been flaunting her new look Ricki (just in time for her new show…) just as much as her dancing…it’s her ‘story’, her ‘journey’. I get it. It was a good dance, and it showed the kind of personality and vitality this woman has had all through the competition. Her freestyle shouldve been amazing…she has Derek. But this time around, the dance Derek put on the floor lacked depth and character. Derek used the time to hoist Ricki, fling Ricki, spin Ricki … but i’m not sure Ricki really proved she should be the winner with this dance. Tough call.

Final Thoughts:

It is most certainly a tough call…. because having Rob Kardashian in the final should have me believing it’s really a Final 2. But the kid came out strong (and it doesnt hurt to have the whole family, yep even Kim, in the audience) proving he may actually be a contender. Listen, if Kris Jenner hs anyhing to do with it… we could see Rob K on the cover of People by tomorrow. It’s a possibility, a very real possibility… brace yourselves, because it could happen.

I think JR had the dance of the night with his freestyle, and I’m not sure having a Hero special on ABC hurts his chances either. The guy was the least ‘known’ Star at the beginning, but this exposure can be a career-maker… and I think JR is set. You’re going to see this guy everywhere, win or lose… but ezpecially if he wins. I don’t know what has been plaguing him lately, but we all know peaking at the right time is crucial. He was everyones favourite from the start, will he be able to carry that through?

Ricki was arguably one of the bigger names in the cast – and tehrefore had the most to lose. She already had a career, already had a ‘name’, already had a reputation. She didnt need the show to promote her, however, she needed to uphold her persona on this show. It wouldve been devastating to her, if she had gone in the first or second week… or if she had struggled, and not been able to get herself to the top of the pack. Lucky duck got Derek (who pulled those strings?) who was able to propel her through the early rounds and make her the dancer she is. She deserves the trophy as much as the next guy, she worked her butt off literally.





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