DWTS Season 13 Winner

23 11 2011

and the winner is…

(should I make you sit through 2 hours of fluff before I tell you? No, that would be cruel… right ABC?)

JR Martinez wins the mirrorball trophy and is the DWTS Champion for Season 13!

He was the best dancer from night 1, when nobody knew who he was. He had some seriously memorable dances, including his Freestyle that might have given him the final edge in voting.

Who knows how ‘close’ this was… according to the TV Night Prediction Poll – 55% chose JR to Win, while about 38% chose Rob Kardashian and something like 8% chose Ricki.

Let me go into this a little deeper. Why was Ricki written off by fans? She had a 1 in 3 shot at the title… but only got 8% of the votes on our poll. This seemed to be the gerneal opinion… that Ricki was absolutley not in the running to win last night. Interesting. So much so, that the producers revealed the ‘third place finisher’ early on in the show… because there was no real drama, somehow we knew it would be Ricki. Was it her performance on monday night’s show, or was this building? I can’t put my finger on it, but at one point Ricki Lake was a front runner, and touted as the potential winner… she’s probably asking the same thing today, what happened?!

Not that it matters… she got a new body, more than 15 minutes of ‘fame’, and a new show (and a bonus for making the finals)

So then the Top 2 were Rob Kardashian and JR Martinez. 3 weeks ago i wouldve cried foul and thought it was a joke. But Rob came out guns ablaze at the finale, and his sisters were in the house. Kris Jenner wouldve been so proud, that the two biggest newsstories (sadly) were her two moneymakers/children. I am actually still flabbergasted that of all the Kardashian/Jenners willing..nay, begging for more TV time… Rob was the one DWTS chose.

Anyways, he had a good run… he’ll get a show, and he’ll exhauset the TV circuit with his new moves and ‘passion for dance’.

Now… What does this mean for JR? Only time will tell, but think of the title brings to all winners. They are all household names, they show up as hosts on bad ABC competition pilots, they become People Magazine darlings, they will always have a front row seat in the DWTS audience, they will offer ‘advice’ to future contestants, and most of all, they can now afford that house in the hills. Oh yah, JR’s star is rising big time and there ain’t nobody ‘hotter’ right now.


Congrats tot he best dancer of the season, and the Winner of Season 13 JR Martinez!




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