Black Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

24 11 2011

This is no time for celebration People. It’s Black Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I’m talking about TV.

Last night, it was Black Wednesday… nothing new, all re-runs and the dreaded ‘recap episode’ of Survivor.

Here’s what I dont understand. It’s American Thanksgiving…and what do Americans do on Thanksgiving? They gather, they eat and they watch TV. So why is it that the Networks decie to put NOTHING on TV for the feasting Americans to watch? Makes no sense to me…

In a few weeks, I’ll be complaining about the cornball TV they force us to watch around the Holidays, because that’s the ONLY time people will be ‘Rose Goggled’ enough to sit through them.

Until then… I want to see new episodes of Survivor!

Survivor does this to us every year… adn every year I forget, until it hits me. BAM. The Recap Show. The most useless hour on TV. They bill it liek it’s something new, but it very rarely satisfies a true Survivor fan. We’ve been watching all along, we don’t care to see an unedited version, or a summary of every challenge.

The only ‘new’ thing I watch on TV last night was the results of X Factor – The old guy went. Leroy. Nicole Sherzinger is a weeping incoherent mess. Honestly, anyone else think she’s getting worse and less tolerable than Paula?

Back to my point… it’s going to be a Black wednesday, Thursday and Friday… because your regular shows are all being replaced with Thanksgiving Fluff or recaps.

However… I might be forced into watching a Very Gaga Thanksgiving tonight out of pure curiosity, but I WILL NOT let myself the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. I get testy and sarcastic, and my eyes get tired of rolling everytime a “Disney Star” pretends to sing on a billion dollar Blow up Fairy Princess Elf. I wont do it.

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Readers… don’t be offended by my rant, my holiday spirit doesnt generally kick in until December.



One response

24 11 2011

Sat on my bed with cheese on toast & a massive glass of milk. Now just to see if ‘A Very Gaga Thanksgiving’ is being streamed online later.

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