Monday Night TV FAIL!

29 11 2011

Total FAIL.

A Monday night without good TV, is just a monday night. Kinda like being in prison. Doesnt matter what day it is, you’re in prison. That’s what it felt like to me last night. There was NOTHING on…

I guess that’s not true. I’ll get a ton of hate mail saying that the finale of The Sing Off was on, and the premiere of the new ‘game show’ You Deserve It was on, and A Very Shrek Christmas (or whatever) was on….

I’m now going to tell you why I ended up watching a Storage Wars marathon INSTEAD of these other offerings.

The Sing Off… was a mistake. It is a great filler show for the Holidays or the Summer… but it cannot go up against the likes of DWTS, and other Monday night heavyweights in the awme way that SYTYCD has transitioned. That show is an anomally not a rule. The Sing Off… I watched the first 2 or 3 minutes and I couldnt take anymore. Nick Lachey is completely inadequate as the host. Thats the first thing you notice. Then you slowly slip back into the tired old format where 2 male and 1 female ex-D listers with ‘credentials’ judge each act and overuse words like “amazing” “this is what this show is all about”.

Once you get tired of that, you are exhausted by the video pieces that show each group and their sobstory-backstories. I found myself actually chuckling when the group pretended to’get involved’ in the Trevor Project, and one chorus member shared her deepest darkest memory of Bullying… when she used to get called…. Tall.
Kids can be so cruel.

At any rate, I couldnt get past those 3, very tired, worn out cliches that take away from the entertainment value.

Now, as if I really need to explain myself about why I didnt tune in to even the opening seconds of the new show You Deserve It. You’ve seen the previews right? You get the general idea? In the warm glow of Holiday Spirit, contestants compete in a game show to win money for a needy cause/person. Right away, I know there are going to be lots of tears (which I personally find uncomfortable to watch on TV), alot of heartfelt speeches (which I find even more uncomfortable and time-consuming) and probably not alot of actual ‘game show’. Also, did I mention, it is hosted by ABC’s new Seacrest… Chris Harrison. Yes, of Bachelor ‘fame’.

Honestly, if you know me at all… you know I love a good game show. I’ll watch them all day every day….I can even tolerate Family Feud and their terrible history of bad hosting decisions. However, I hate when game shows try to become MORE than what they are. Keep it simple. Jeopardy is my favourite for that very reason… question + answer = win. But what leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth is the over produced, over hosted, over sentimental shmultz that seems to end up in most of them… think Deal or No Deal… it slowly suffocated to death in it’s own shmultz.

So there – and no, it’s not even Dec. 1 so I refuse to watch a Christmas special. Shrek or no Shrek.

What did YOU watch last night?




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