Survivor Wednesday: November 30

1 12 2011

Survivor saves the day – after a long drought of terrible TV this week, Survivor swoops in and completely saved my week!

You can always count on Wednesday Night

Last night’s episode was a doozy wasnt it? Everything Survivor promises, it delivered last night.

A Redemption Island duel, Flip Flopping, Game play, Lazy bums coming up big at challenge, a big lie, strategic conversation, and a blind side.

Let’s talk a little bit about each of them.

The Redemption island show down was between poster boy Ozzy, Dawn and a token blonde. Yes, Ozzy won…. again. This is his domain, this is exactly the forum that he dominates. I’ve talked about his social game… it sucks. Here, on Redemption Island, it’s all about performance… and that’s where Ozzy comes up big. He can win any challenge, no matter the skillset required.

So two more now sit on the Jury panel…

Flip Flopping–  there’s always talk. But Coach seems to talk the same talk to everyone… he has somehow promised each and every one of them….absolutely nothing. the whole ‘Family’ knows… nothing. Each person in ‘The Family’ doesnt really know if they are number 2 or number 6, and they seem to be… OK with that? Strange. Coach is running a tight ship, where he basically tells each person, well, nothing about where they stand in this game.

Apparently Albert is a lazy bum at camp, eats all the fish and then outperforms his tribe mates at challenges. We see this every year, it’s one of Survivors favourite ways to incriminate people. Whether it’s true or it’s a bit of an editing stretch… he has been labelled with a pretty great nickname “Princess Albert”. I love that! Albert, doesnt share my enthusiasm for the handle and begins to plot against Rick for giving it to him.

The ‘Big Lie’ was really just a weak attempt to imitate Survivor lore. Cochraine decides to bring everyone together and tell them it’s his birthday, and the best gift would be to stick around for another day. I smelled the rat from my couch, of course it WASNT his birthday. There have been some prolific lies in the 20-odd seasons of Survivor… this lie, was neither well-planned nor well utilized. It did no damage. However, he DID get the spa -treatment as a ‘gift’ from the winner of the challenge, lazy bum Princess Albert.

At Tribal, there were a few people on the chopping block: Cochraine (who stated his case, and threw in the Birthday card), Rick (who had no idea) and probably Edna (but meh, she’s like the perma-stain on the chopping block… she’s always there).

Even though Cochraine pled his case, threw in the Birthday lie for good measure and is considered one of the ‘power players’… he was sent to Redemption Island.

Now things REALLY get interesting. 2 high profile players duelling for their spot in the game or on the jury. Very interesting indeed!





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