X Factor Elimination: December 1 Results

2 12 2011

I don’t usually write about the X Factor, but last night’s elimination is worth a bit of a discussion.

First, Astro was sent packing. The lil rapper phenom with the attitude… no doubt he’s already got a contract and album in the works. Don’t cry for him.

That wasn’t a huge shocker, except that he was touted as a front runner, when he obviously was not.

Then, 2 singers were cursed to sing for their lives. Marcus Canty and Drew.

Here’s where I would like to kick off my discussion. Is Marcus Canty a Star? That’s the question I have been asking myself for a few weeks now… I don’t know. He has a good voice, but I always forget about him until he sings the next week. Maybe if he sticks around long enough he’ll grow into his stardom… it happens, that’s how Jordin Sparks won American Idol. All of a sudden, she was the best choice left. Might happen here.

But Drew, is a legitimate star in the making. I dont know that there is any argument there. The only obstacle for Drew is age. These shows go to great length to ‘proove’ that age doesnt matter… it most certainly does. Take Astros temper tantrum as an example. He is a little brat. Drew, is not a brat… but she lacks the maturity to convince an audience and a judging panel that she can be a super star. She did not defend herself well at all in this competition. Every time she was unfairly critiqued, she cried and gave school girl speeches about Demi Lovato songs.

I think in this case, Drew has the better potential to be a Star.

However, it was NOT up to me… it was up to the judges. And Drew had psyched herself out the instant she heard she was in the bottom. Paula had the swing vote, and chose to send her home.


Here’s where age is MOST CERTAINLY a factor. We watched as a 14 year old girls WORLD was crushed… Live on stage. It was waterworks, sobbing, weeping, crushing defeat. This girl was not ready for that kind of emotional destruction. She was not yet capable of TV composure, she was truly distressed beyond repair.

It was uncomfortable to watch, but even more than that… this girl had her feet cut out from undr her, and she was not prepared.

It left a sour taste in my mouth.





3 responses

2 12 2011

If it wasn’t for Chris Rene I wouldn’t be watching this show. If Simon Cowell behaves like a bratty child then are we surprised when the contestants act the same. The fighting amongst the judges is really pathetic.

2 12 2011
C Sheppard

The fighting between the judges is supposed to be ‘dramatic’… but you’re right, it’s just plain childish. They build these contestants dreams up so high, that OF COURSE they feel like the world is ending when they dont win… sad really.

3 12 2011

Sadly these shows are designed to keep you watching to see who gets the boot each week. I felt bad for Drew but I don’t think she has star power. She had 10 chances to show us her stuff and each week she fell short of making us say Wow! Simon didn’t help the cause.

Now Melanie is another story. She has the voice and the ability to perform in many music styles. I’m putting my money on her to win. Sorry Drew!

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