Amazing Race: Final 4 Recap

5 12 2011

Amazing Race is one of thse shows that a lot of people watch, but doesnt get as much water cooler action as most of the others.  The show does a good job of trying to cast a group of ‘characters’ for people to follow… so far, no ‘celebrity’ edition. But that might be next.

The reason I wanted to write a post about last night’s epsode, is because the only true ‘characters’ on the show…. the snowboarders – made one mistake in the entire race, and were eliminated as a result.


These guys won almost every single leg of the Race… except the one that counted.

double ouch.

other teams have benefited from ‘non eliminaton rounds’ … but this team seriously got the short end of the stick, coming up JUST short of the finals… a final that was theirs for the taking ahving virtually decimated the competition every other round.

But that’s the name of the game. Conversely, I also feel for the FIRST epople who are eliminated form the Race, because I always feel like you need a few legs to really GET your legs in this game. I would be so disoriented and disorganized… think of your last vacation, took you months to plan and it still went wrong, right?

What gets me is the WAY in which it happened. They led from the start, had a brief hiccup with the first clue. They were given costumes to wear and told to figure out who they were supposed to be. Ridiculous, they looked like nobody in particular, you couldve said anything and it wouldve looked right.

Then to find their next clue, they had to de-code from the dresses of dancers. They got the wrong clue. The other teams were just as stumped until their TAXI driver stepped in , and all three teams benefitted!

The boys came back, and were able to decypher the message, but it was too late.

The snowboarders, Tommy and Andy…quite possibly the most dominant and likable team in Race history… eliminated last night.






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