Biggest Loser: The Final 3

7 12 2011

Last night on the Biggest Loser, the contestants ran a marathon for a spot in the finals.

seriously, a marathon?

Ethiopian 80-pounders run marathons. These people, not even 3 months ago… were so sedentary they had pizza delivered to their couch. It’s just amazing to see, that the Biggest Loser isnt just about losing weight, but becoming athletic and healthy.

I consider myself a healthy perosn, but I know without a shadow of doubt, I could not run a full marathon. I might be able to walk it… but then that’s just a really long walk… doesnt really count.

and my oh my have the producers planned this well… the final episode will land dangerously close to Christmas. That means while you’re planning ‘who’s bringing the candied yams?’ you’re watching a determined group of people shed a truck load of weight and encourage a healtheir lifestyle. That’s just… nasty.

But seriously, it’s one of my favourite shows of the year… the final weigh in. Where every contestant breaks through their ‘old self’ picture and shows off their hot new bodies in spandex. Love it.

We have had some pretty intense finale results… the sisters last season are going to be a hard act to follow. But this season? It’s a showdown between 3 BIG guys, capable of losing a TONNE of weight (and already have!) – I am anticipating a Finale show to rival any previous reveal.

We’ve got Ramone – the marathon winner. He’s so happy with his new life, he’ll do anything to keep it going. This guy, is going to be a knock out….

Then you’ve got John – has literally made it his full time job to win this thing. Let’s hope he’s not just” in it to win it” – but has really turned his life around for keeps.

lastly, Big Antone – has been holding onto a picture of his ‘NFL’ days and wants nothing more than to be fit enough to relive those times again.

Tight race… each one is a true competitor and will fight for every pound.




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