Survivor: Episode 12 December 7th

8 12 2011

Well thanks GOODNESS for Wednesday night TV, and thank GOODNESS for Survivor.

In comparison to monday, tuesday, thursday and friday nights…. Wednesday is an embarassment of riches. While every other show is on an extended hiatus, Survivor continues to make my wednesday nights enjoyable.

Last night was a very good episode – lots to talk about.

1. Cochrane faces his idol/nemisis in Ozzy at Redemption Island. It’s no surprise that he didnt win. we all saw that coming. but he put up a good fight, better than most wouldve expected, and went out with a bang. He cried over his love for the game… whatever your opinion is on Cochrane, he has never hid his devotion and admiration to ‘the game’.

2. Families came to the island, however only 3 people got to spend time with their loved ones. Coach, Brandon and Albert. Yes, Brandons dad… a Hantz, made his debut on the island. He cornered Coach and worked his Hantz charm to secure his sons place in the game. At least that’s what he thought he was doing… Coach, on the other hand, felt threatened. There’s something fishy about this Hantz family. I am never wuite sure. SOmetimes, I think it’s an act, sometimes I think theya re all just crazy, and other times I think they might be slightly psychopathic and completely oblivious to normal social interactions. Somehow, they throw people off their game… and are successful. Brandon has that in his blood… his bite will be worse than his bark, if that makes sense.

3. Coach wins immunity, and Edna begins to scramble. First she asks him for his idol. shot down. Then she makes a case to vote out Bandon because… he’s emotional and cruel. Which is true, but may not be enough to save her.  Coach goes as far as telling Edna that his vote will be for Brandon, and to rally the troops with his ‘blessing’.

4. At tribal: Edna voted out unanimously. At which time, Coach gives his Godfather embrace to Edna as she moves on to battle Ozzy for her final chance to stay alive. Would be amazing wouldnt it?

Coach is still the figure head and leader of this game… Ozzy has a lot of power, and the tables will seriously topple if they ever let him back into the ‘real’ game. He’ll be virtually unbeatable at challanges, because he’s gone toe to toe wih almost everyone to stay alive at Redemption Island.





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15 12 2011
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