X Factor Elimination: December 8th

9 12 2011

O.M.G the manuafactured Drama on X Factor is, actually probably the most entertaining thing on TV right now.


I thought last week was going to be the ‘shocker’ moment of the season, but this week might actually take the cake. Remember last week, doe-eyed Drew had her world collapse in front of her as Paula delievered the final blow to send her home. Simon threw a bit of a tantrum, and maybe for good reason. She was not the person we expected to go home, and it certainly wasnt for lack of talent.

it was hard to watch a 14 year old deal with emotional distress, live infront of millions. Crushing.

This week, the usual suspects made it through to the next round free and easy – Melanie (who has been on fire since her accent coming out party!) Chris Rene (surprising….no?) and Josh (frontrunner from day 1).

That left perrennial bottom dweller Marcus Canty and soulful tween Rachel Crow.

For me, this was a no-brainer. Rachel had never been in the bottom, Marcus has been a staple in the bottom for weeks. However, I believe I said the same thing last week regarding the sing off between Drew and Marcus. Drew cracked under the pressure and didnt really perform the socks off her song. This week both Rachel and Marcus killed it… so it really comes down to building a Top 4 of the singers most desrving of a major contract.

It came to the judges… actually, it really came down to Nicole. If she voted for Rachel, she wouldnt have to take a ‘stand’ because it would go to the total vote count. What do YOU think she did? She cried and said ‘i cant decide!’ and voted for Rachel.


To the votes…. Rachel Crow eliminated from X Factor, one week before the Final 4.


Reaction? Just as devastating or worse than Drew. A 13 year old girl has been told that this is her shot, this is her time, this is her American Dream. And in one decision, her whole future is ripped fomr her clutches. I truly think the producers of this show, and the judges are seeing the storm they have created. By a)allowing very young children to be a part of this comeptition and b) building up the significance of this opportunity. Yes, it’s a big deal. But seeing the reaction on these kids faces when they DONT win, tells me they are not prepared for the blow.

I don’t know who’s fault it is… but devastation for the sake of drama doesnt sit well with me.

and Nicole, such a cowardice move, worse than Paula’s – at least she MADE a decision.





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