The Return of Fear Factor

13 12 2011

Let me transport you back in time to 2001.

We were so over the millenium, Britney Spears was the most dominant figure in music/pop culture, the first ipod was released, people were bragging about how many times they had gone to the The Lord of the Rings, I was in Grade 10 which was SO much cooler than Grade 9… and we ewre watching shows like Survivor,Friends, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Malcolm in the Middle, Will & Grace… and Fear Factor.

You see, 200-2001 was where it all started. When Survivor became a MASSIVE success, television changed its course for the next…well, at least 12 years (and I dont see an end). The age of Reality TV had begun.

Fear Factor tried to be less of a ‘reality show’ and more of an extreme stunt show…with real people. The difference of course, was that it was not a ‘serial’ in the same mold as a Survivor, or Big Brother which requires you to follow the ‘story’ and characters over a long period of time. No, this show wasnt pulling any punches. They ‘hired’…okay casted, beautiful people with no personality or a bone of  likability … and put them through hell for 1 hour a week. We delighted in that. I certainly did… beach blonde beauties with fake ‘assets’ freaking out over a pig-intestine sandwich. Or huge muscle men talking smack and game, only to fail miserably and go on the walk of shame.


what we all really wanted to see was the gross out factor. Round 2. Throughout it’s run, the Fear Factor crew introduced us to things no human being should ever have to ingest or be surrounded by. Things like Madagascar hissing cochroaches, bull testicles, lambs eyes, fish eyes, tarantulas, snakes, cow’s blood, lard, scorpians…

Stunt 2 was really the water cooler fodder that made this show a success.

Well, the show was cancelled in 2006… largely wore out it’s appeal, and was squashed by the influx of similar reality show competitions. Unlike Survivor, it lacked longevity.

But Fear Factor 2.0 is back, and the first episode aired last night. Did you watch?

It’s the SAME show ladies and gents… same host, same yelling out instructions, same pre-stunt banter, same format same…everything. In case you’ve been missing it from your programming for 6 years… it’s like it never left. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Considering they had longevity issues… dont you think they’d want to work it out, or change it up a bit to secure another 5 years? Or is this a classic case of Holiday Filler until Idol wipes out it’s competition in the new year?

I don’t know, and maybe I shouldnt over analyze. It was fun, it was the only thing on… and it took me right back to my pubescent years when it was the subject of notes being passed around in Science class. Well, that and Destinys Child…





One response

15 12 2011

In a society that watches movies that are gory and such, it doesn’t surprise me that people liked the first episode of Fear Factor. I liked it, but part B was a bit much for me. However, I think I can overlook the grotesque display and see it for what it is: entertainment. I was unable to see the premier on Monday as I was flying to California. When I landed, I pulled out my laptop to see if it was on DISH Online. That site is good with having popular shows available a few days after they air. A lot of shows don’t even require a subscription. Fear Factor was indeed available and I did like it a lot! Working for and subscribing to DISH has shown me that DISH Online is a good way to catch up on my shows, plus there are lots of free movies and shows available. If you haven’t seen the premier of Fear Factor, I would say to check it out!

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