Biggest Loser: Season 12 Winner

14 12 2011

The Biggest Loser Finale was the highly anticipated competition between 3 heavy weights who could slim down to half their size by the finale.

and they did.

John, Antone and Ramone all hit the stage looking like completely different people.

The contestants competing for the at-home prize werent as strong as seasons past I thought. There were a few top ‘losers’ such as Vinny (now Skinny Vinny), Patrick and Jennifer. Therefore, I’m glad they decided to axe everyone weighing in… it’s anticlimatic when people come in only having lost 30 pounds, standing next to someone who has clearly lost over 100. Nice shake up.

The at home prize went to Jennifer who lost 44% of her body weight! The biggest transformation in my opinion was Patrick, probably because he left the ranch SO early and managed to lose a TON of weight.

So who won the BIG prize?

The Season 12 Biggest Loser is… John!

I think I’ve voiced my opinion on John in the past – I think he comes out very aggressively and has an ‘in it to win it’ attitude…which pushed him tot he position he’s in… the winner. But I worry about his stamina and ability to maintain his current state. I hope I’m wrong…





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