Survivor South Pacific: Episode 13

15 12 2011

Call it ‘Island fever’. But things are starting to get a little weird on Survivor.

Honestly, I truly think that the crazy builds with every day on the island, and as we get closer to the end… the crazy walks a fine line, on the edge of insanity.

So, Ozzy wins another challenge…surprise surprise… keeping him safe and isolated for another few days. Anyone else feel like this strategy is saving him? Like, he doesnt ever have to deal with the drama, the snap decisions, the alliances, the tribal councils… this guy is riding the Redemption Island all the way to the finale.

Back at camp, Brandon wins an immunity challange and brings the Rancher Rick to the reward. Somehow, Albert gets ratted out for trying to oust Rick and Sophie. Brandon, Rick, Sophie and Albert have a mini school yard fight… and Albert is on the chopping block with everyone.

ALbert then uses his ‘spiritual connection’ with Brandon to ask God who he should vote for. Brandon finally get the good word from God to save Albert, and give up his immunity because “Coach will never” vote for him. Right. Brandon tells Coach his plan, and Coach asks for some time alone with God. He needs a revelation.

At Tribal, God tells Brandon to give Albert the immunity. God tells Albert to keep the immunity and have faith in his alliance. God tells Coach a completely different story, and Coach votes for Brandon who is immunity-less. So…who mis-heard God? I get the feeling there were mixed messages.

Either way, Gods will sends Brandon to face off against Ozzy for his place back in the game.

This is gonna be good.






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