Survivor Pacific Islands: Winner

19 12 2011

The Finale of this seasons Survivor Pacific Islands aired last night.

a 2 hour epic, plus reunion show…. always a great way to say goodbye to the season… kind of hard to recap.

Here’s the nutshell version:

  • Ozzy beats Brandon in a classic Survivor game of perseverance.
  • Ozzy also wins a challenge, and has immunity.
  • Ozzy then orchestrates the demise of Rick. And reveals the dishonest acts of Coach…at Tribal, infront of the jury.
  • At the most important challenge of the entre season, Sophie comes out of nowhere and beats Ozzy.
  • Ozzy…. voted out, no chance at winning for the 3rd time.
  • Final 3: Coach, Albert and Sophie.
  • At the final Tribal… my favourite 10 minutes on TV… the Bitter Questioning from the Damned. There were no real fireworks, but Albert came across looking like a Twit, Coach looked like a defeated child and Sophie fought back tears the entire time.

I dont think there was a clear winner after the questioning, but I was pretty sure no one was writing Albert. Coach did not play well enough to be confident in his ‘loyalties’ on the jury. Everyone had been burned by Coach…and no one was believing his honour integrity game anymore. Sophie was the throw vote…

The Winner of Survivor Pacific Islands – Sophie.


I’m beginning to think the winning formula on Survivor is this: Be invisible for 3/4 of the game, latch onto a strong alliance, practice solving puzzles in a pinch. In this way, you can sit in front of the jury, with two other slightly more hated people and say “I built relationships, I won challenges, and I was strategic”. You become the least of all evils, and therefore, you get the throw votes.

It seems to be the winning formula…

Was Sophie the obvious choice for winner of the game of Survivor? No. You could put probably, 10 names ahead of her that would make more sense. But this girl stayed in a solid alliance, let Coach be the ‘bad guy’, and won when it mattered.






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