X Factor Finale

22 12 2011

Remember when I said I wasnt going to watch the X Factor? Well, it was the finale last night… and I was watching.


You know what, I’m not ashamed… I’m a huge Idol fan, and save for some differnt faces ont he judging panel… this is AMerican Idol. I don’t care what Cowel says.

It’s a singing competition.

Last night, the 3 final singers hit the stage to perform 2 songs… their last attempt to win over the most votes, and win $5 million (does anyone know, is this ‘5 million’ in cash, or in contract?)

Each singer performed a duet (useless, self promotion… the compositions completely favoured the ‘star’) and a song they had performed before in audition stages ( a nice touch).

Starting with Josh – his duet with Alanis Morrisette was dull until she took over. Who’s fault is that? I say shame on the producers for pretending this was a duet. It was  way to lure bonifide stars into coming to the show.
No worries, Josh knocked his second song out of the park. When he first auditioned, he sang ‘At Last’ which was met with some scepticism before he opened his mouth and let loose. last night, he striped it down to a voice and a guitar, and it was an absolute gem. This guy is the real deal, and he’s been my personal favourite all along.

Chris Rene – had the honour of singing with Avril Lavigne (Is this the Canadian version of X Factor or something?) It was weak, it didnt suit him, and it was exactly the kind of watered down punk rock he needs to stay away from. Paula said it was ‘current’ proving how out of touch she is… Complicated came out close to 10 years ago, Avril hasnt been relevant in years.
His second song was his true signature song. He was much better on this tune that the duet, but that’s not really saying much. Can I be frank? I dont get him. I dont. I have an open mind everytime he performs, but I cant decide whether he’s an OK singer, a good-ish rapper or neither. His backstory is touching, but it’s a serious ticking timebomb to give an addict infinite wealth and ‘yes’ men… I worry about that.

Melanie Amaro – sang with R Kelly. Really?! When was the last time you got excited about hearing R Kelly? I’m over him, I was over him the last time he did something illegal and sang about it. However, this was more in Melanie’s wheelhouse than the other singers in their duets. She was actually an active participant in this song.
Her final song was the Beyonce tune she absolutely tore to shreds when she auditioned. Yep, girl’s got one heck of a set of pipes. She out-Beyonce’d Beyonce. Seriously.

I think this is a tight race. The judges urged people to vote for Chris, and he’s been a surprise all along. Melanie was the last to sing, and she killed her last song (it makes a difference, believe me) but Josh may jsut be the most talented ‘artist’ of them all…

Hard to predict. But I’m going to go out on a limb, and put my reputation on the line. As much as I wish Josh would win, I think Melanie Amaro will take it tonight.





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