X Factor Finale: The Winner

23 12 2011

The first season of the American X Factor and the Return of Simon Cowell to FOX ended with a 2 hour Finale last night, heralding the winner of the $5 million, recording contract and Pepsi commercial (although, I dont know why everyone is making a big deal over that… it WAS a big deal in the 90’s and early 200o’s, when was the last time pepsi launched a career?).

I digress.

Of course, the results couldnt be announced without 2 hours of filler reminding us about Simon and LA’s feud, Nicole and Paula’s crocodile tears, the best, the worst and the over emotional from the season. Also, we gave a few people the chance to promote thei albums… like Justin Bieber who has been singing Christmas songs since september to ensure his record went platinum (and it did). He’s ony got 3 more legitimate days to sell this thing before it gets really stale.

The Final 3 were Chris Rene, Josh Krajik and Melanie Amaro. They all had to sing a Christmas song. A bit pointless and shmultzy. I’ll give you 3 guesses (but you’ll get it in 1) as to which song Melanie sang. GO ahead, think about it. If you guesses Mariah Carey… you were just as ‘surprised’ as me.

The third place was announced… Chris Rene.

and all is right in the world.

Finally, the winner is announced: Melanie Amaro wins X Factor!

I made a very bold prediction yesterday that Melanie would take it, I staked my reputation on it so I’m glad she won. However, my personal favourite was Josh from the start. I think the reason both he and Chris are smiling is that they know this aint over for them. Probably 5 or 6 from the top 10 will see the inside of a recording studio within a year because their mentors still want to make $$ off of them. C’mon you know it’s true…and it’s not wrong, it gives the artists a chance to benefit form the show as well.


Congrats to Melanie Amaro… better get the single out soon.





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