Bachelor Recap: ‘Its all an Act’ Week 2

10 01 2012

Week 2 on The Bachelor is notoriously messed up.

The crazies come out on week 2 and set up the whole season of drama.

Which is why, I was glued to my TV last night, to watch trainwreck after trainwreck start on their collision course.

I think I’ve said this before – Ben is not the Prize on this show. Nor is he really a necessary component. He may or may not find ‘love’, but he is certainly not the “Star” or the real storyline. He is the common thread, and at times, the referee… but not much else. Not to say I dont like Ben, he’s a charming guy with redeeming qualities and fun hair. He also happens to have a really cute sidekick/dog…which makes me like him even more. It’s just that is has become all about the girls and the drama between THEM that is keeping The Bachelor ‘must see’.

Here’s a nutshell recap of last night

The girls are uprooted and sent packing to visit Ben in Sonoma California… incidentally where he lives and where his Winery operates. In upcoming seasons, will we see the girls following the Bachelor to HIS day job… you know, where he’s most comfortable and in his element? Seriously… blatant advertising.

Ben gets his first one-on-one date. He takes Kacie B (doncha hate the initials thing? I do…) on a walking tour of his town, Sonoma tourism 101. “Wouldnt you like to live here?” “I can totally see myself here”. Riveting stuff. Then they share a ‘moment’ watching old family videos at the theatre… awkward date, watching Ben cry over his dead father. ouch.
Anyways, she gets the rose… she’s a nice take-home-to-mom type girl.

Group Date – Ben takes a ton of girls tot he ‘Town Square’ where they audition for parts in a childrens production of a Bachelor Fairytale. These girls should all be good at ‘acting’ – most are models, aspiring actresses or have fake jobs… remember, this show is ‘casted’.
The bigger drama occurred at the after party… obviously, drinks were flowing, bikinis were on, Hot tubs were present. Is it just me or did The Bachelor resurrect the swimming pool girl-on-shoulder wrestling game? Just hit me…

The girls all accuse Blakely of being a slut (among other things), and she fills that role very well. It might be an assigned role, but she seems to really excel at making people uncomfortable, inciting tears and paranoia, and batting her fake eyelashes at Ben shamelessly.

She gets the rose. Such a metaphor for life…am I right ladies?

The final one-on-one was with model Courtney. I think we all ahve a reason to hate on this girl… she’s a model. Liek a real, working model. The producers don’t have to do much to make her unlikable. However, I’m getting a real mix of emotions over this girl – her date with Ben was the best…by far. They took the dog, got in the car and had a picnic in the woods. Very comfortable, very easy… she didnt pose as a person who was comfortable, she just…was. There’s chemistry, but I dont think it hurts that she… is a model.

She gets a rose (surprise, surprise)

At the Rose ceremony… the Crazies implode.

Blakely runs crying in a corner behind luggage. NY Blogger crawls into bed and weeps. There are girls crying everywhere. Ben acts like a babysitter playing hide and seek with 7 yer olds… going room by room to console sobbing contestants. It was hysterical!

Easier just to report on who DIDNT get a rose, and it was the over emotional blogger from NY (girl had a rough night…) and another blonde.

If you stay long enough… you get a ‘role’ to fill. One can only applaude the girls who hit the high notes and add major drama to our monday nights!



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