People’s Choice Awards 2012: Live Blog

11 01 2012

Alright PEOPLE, settle in PEOPLE, Are you PEOPLE ready…? The People’s Choice Awards are starting… it’s the Awards show of the PEOPLE.

Get ready to be thanked for all your support and being a catalyst for the dreams of Red Carpet Walkers.

I couldnt be more proud of myself.

Let’s get this show started… take it away Kaley Cuoco.

If there was any question that this show is all about self promotion… the opening is The Cast of The Big Bang Theory   (brought to you by CBS)

When in doubt, hire Betty White as a ‘seat filler’ – she’s the biggest ‘get’ in Hollywood these days.

Kaley throws out the first ‘PCA’ show… is that what the kids are calling it these days?

AS IF you thought they’d stop at Betty White… of course, NPH is here. He’s everywhere. He’s anywhere. However, he may have just had the line of the night “I’m on a 12 step program, but i’m only on step 5….6, 7, 8!”

First Award: Movie Actress

Winner: Emma Stone

Somewhere Lindsey Lohan is curled in a ball weeping in a clothes hamper… that girl just stole her career.

Sharon Osbourne and Jesse Tyler Ferguson present, and dont we all love it when Stars feel entitled. Sigh…. Sharon is exhausting, even with her British accent.

Daytime TV Host: Ellen

ironically, Ellen is like the perfect mix of Jesse TF and Sharon Osbourne… am I right? The memo mustve gotten out… this show doesnt matter… no one has prepared a speech.

Who ‘ok’ed’ the role of ‘Backstage Correspondent’? This HAS to be the most annoying recent Award Show trend . Useless.


Oh look, it’s Miley’s BF presenting…

TV Drama Actress: Nina Dobrev

Try to calm down, remember who the ‘People’ were that voted for this girl… that would be the girls in your kids grade 7 class.

product placement time… not even trying to be subtle anymore, is that a step forward or backward?

Sigh, this is going to be a long night.


We better get through more than one award in this segment… or I’m going to be a bear tomorrow.

Two guys who are seriously D, or even F-List ‘gets’: Rob Schneider and Cheech

TV Comedy Actor: Neil Patrick Harris

Ok, I get why he showed up now. I wondered after he didn’t even get a chance to sing or dance. But I ask you… who watches his show? A topic for another day…

Oh look, it’s Vanessa Hudgens…. introducing one of the musical acts of the evening Demi Lovato. Yep, we get to sit through ‘musical acts’ , this show really has it all. It’s curious that NONE of the ex-disney performers became good singers after puberty hit.

and surprise surprise, she won an Award too. Handy.


Holy double sided tape Haley Kuoco.

As if this show wasn’t going to be long enough… we’ve got the absolutely insidious ‘bits’ between awards. It’s someone in Hollywood’s day job to come up with this stuff. Hate your life yet?

Remember when American Pie was a ‘thing’? The cast is back… I get the feeling, they wont be a big ‘thing’ this time around.

Comedic Movie Actor: Adam Sandler

Again, I can’t pretend to know why the ‘People’ continue to honour Adam Sandlers comedy. Who are these people? Do your kids think Adam Sandler is funny? I’m stumped…every year. Not only does he win every year, but he gets infinite amount of speech time where everyone else seems to get the early hook. This almost warrants a full investigation… jsut putting it out there, how is Adam Sandler connected to this show? Journalists, do your job!

One of the Glee kids and a dancer turned actor present

Star under 25 (yep, thats an official award… and there are 3 Harry Potter kids nominated):  Chloe Moretz

This is a cool chick… un-jaded, poised, she even says ‘bye’ as she leaves the stage. Love it.


More proof that this isnt a real Awards show…

Water for Elephants jsut won Best Drama.

The same people who saw the movie, voted for it. I shouldnt be surprised…

just like I shouldnt be surprised that Kim K won an award, Maroon 5 won best Rock group… it’s not surprising, but it’s enough to make me really ashamed to be watching/blogging this show.

I’m finished here.

I’ll post the list of winners tomorrow morning for all those hanging on the edge of their seats…

Think GLee stars, think Twilight Stars, Think any CBS star, Think vampire movies/tv shows, think people who are vaguely familiar and just happen to have new tv shows…. that’s what you’re gonna get.



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