People’s Choice Awards 2012: The Pre-ramble

11 01 2012

I will likely be live-blogging from the People’s Choice Awards executive seating section… my couch. 3 feet away from all the action, best seats in the house.

I love live blogging from Awards shows (even if they are fake awards shows….) because they inspire instant conversation topics. We are voyeurs, we love to ‘watch’ without being ‘watched’. we love to criticize without being criticized… we love to be in pajamas while other suffer in high heels and spanx (or is that just me?).

So tonight I will be watching.

Yeah I know… this is not an important “Award Show”. You wont see The Brad and Angelinas, The Clooneys, The Streeps or even The Goslings in the audience. This is not The Oscars.

It’s shameless self promotion, it’s shameless ‘upcoming projects’ promotion, it’s a chance to fill an entire stadium filled with screaming Team Edward fans to kick off the ‘Award’ season. This is feeding (the already completely bloated) Egos.

also… I would just like to discuss the word ‘People’ in the title of this Award show. Who are… ‘People’? Are YOU ‘People’? I realized, probably last year or the year before… I am not ‘People’. Because ‘People’ are the ones who are thanked for their fanatical support, the ones who have apparently made it possible for an elite sub group of people to succeed, the ones who have made dreams come true, and the ones who vote for Transformers at ‘Movie of the Year’ , ‘Water for Elephants’ as Best Drama and vote for a winner in a category called ‘Favourite Celebreality Star’…


They are People in a very specific age group, that’s who.

I’m not offended, nor do I feel left out… these are not MY Award shows. Mine are coming… my nights of pure enjoyment watching billion dollar careers make their way across a red carpet aren’t far off.

Until then… let’s have some fun at tonight’s Peoples Choice Awards. First person to shout out to ‘Baby Blue’ … gets a remote thrown at them.



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