American Idol Returns!

19 01 2012

American Idol is BACK!

Not that I had to tell you.

You knew. You watched.

It’s difficult to blog about the audition shows, because there are so many good, bad and ugly to report on. Last night, it was 2 full hours of auditions, backstories, interviews etc. It’s hard to remember stand outs or major flops at this stage in the game.

I can say, that people SEEM to be ‘wising up’ about what kind of talent level the judges will applaude. It’s not like there are people out there STILL who havent seen this show and know that only the best go through. I also think for awhile, there were people who really felt this was a Pop competition for Pop singers with a very specific vocal style. If you werent Alicia, Whitney or Timberlake – you had no business even trying out.

But slowly, contestants started breaking down some barriers… and now, the talent is starting to seep through and show up in the most unexpected places.

I love seeing the cream of the crop, so confient in their abilities, stand infront of 3 super star judges and blow them right out of their seats. I love a surprise… someone who has an unassuming exterior, breaking down the facade. And of course, I love me some delusional trainwrecks. Who doesnt?

So American Idol is back… and I for one couldnt be happer to welcome it’s return.




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