SAG Awards 2012

30 01 2012

So the SAG awards were on last night.

Did you watch? Do you care?

I guess it’s yet another step on the road to the Oscars… but it has almost ZERO relevance or influence on the ultimate winners. The Academy is a very different voting panel. However, I guess something can be said for actors selecting their peers for nomination and awarding them with honours for the year.

There are a few things that bug me about it. But then, there are few things I’m quite fond of…

Let’s start with the bad. E! takes a huge dump on everything classy or formal in this town. It’s liek they send in the leeches to suck the celebrity blood out of every event. There is no enchanment, there is no untouched glamour, there is no veil of mystery… E! crashes the party.

It doesnt even cover the event…. it covers the Red Carpet…putting their premium on the soundbites that comes from asking questions like “is it true that you can juggle?” or “are you SURE there’s no sequel in the works?”.

it’s such a cringe fest.

And they put their ‘best’ people on it. People like the artful Giuliana Rancic who asked to ‘lei’ George Clooney. People like Ross the Intern who’s voice sets off the limo alarms 3 streets away. And people like fashion ‘guru’ and authority figure on all things high-style and taste… Kelly Osbourne.

Dream team.

But we expect that,  if I hate it so much… why do I tune in 2 hours before the show? It’s a question I seriously struggle with.

Moving on…

Something I DO like about this award show, is the lack of host, and the serious star power. More actors show up to the SAGs than do the Golden Globes. There is a VERY rare ‘so and so couldnt be here’… actors really feel like they owe it to their peers and their profession… to be there. It has a more serious actor vibe. You know what I mean? Like those who are really in it for ‘the craft’ and respect for ‘the arts’ are there. Of course, that means Meryl, George, Brad, Angelina, Plummer, and anyone else who considers themselves a ‘serious’ actor gets an invite, and marks the date. It’s a campaign for their careers as much as it is for an award.

It’s another award for an award crammed mantle. But these are the people that NEED the accolades. Actors, as a group, are some of the biggest egos yet weakest self esteemed people… most of them get into acting because they were shy, because they had no friends, because they were ‘different’, because they needed the spotlight to feel validated, or because they felt a rush at the sound of applause.

Nobody applaudes a dentist. Nobody applaudes a secretary or a car salesman. Validation comes from other places, not superfluous awards and constant applause.

These are the people that need it. They know it. So they make up as many awards as possible to feed the need for attention and applause.

That’s my two cents… I don’t mind watching, there are parts I LOVE watching… but I shake my head at the shameless ego stroking that takes place at every one of these events.




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