TV Tidbits: February 2

2 02 2012

Every once and awhile, we pause from our recapping to discuss TV news and related topics of interest.

There has been a lot going on lately –

First, let’s talk about The X Factors axing more than HALF of their ‘cast’. Nicole, gone. Paula, gone. That host guy, gone.

Simon’s hand of God hath struck them down. In my opinion, it’s a fantastic move. Neither of those people were right for the job. Nicole had no credentials, she struggled with voicing her opinion (aka she didnt really have one) and she crumbled under the weight of responsibility. She also made small children cry. Paula is a trainwreck who’s ‘groups’ were eliminated first from the show… giving her no real purpose for being there.

We don’t need to talk about ‘The Host’. God awful.

So Simon cleans house – personally, since Idol did the same, their judging panel has been stronger and much more effective. I’m going to throw something out there. What if these shows cleaned house after every season, and gave celebrity judges one year/season and then brought in new ones? The buzz and the hype would be amazing… similar to that of ‘casting’ a new DWTS or Celebrity Apprentice every year. The unknown stirs up attention. I dont think ANY judging panel should stay the same year after year… it’s boring.


Can we talk a little bit about the Fear Factor thing? I wont dwell on it…becuase even the thought of it makes me want to ralph my breakfast. So Fear Factor is known for pushing the limits, particularly int he second stunt where eating live bugs or intestinal byproducts are the norm.

How far is TOO far? Well, apparently drinking donkey semen is one step over the line. The show was PULLED this week because the second stun was… that. There are some things I dont want to watch on TV. That would actually be close to the top of my list. Repulsive. However, I’m pretty sure you can expect it in the next installment of Jackass.


Let’s talk about shows coming back: We’ve got  The Voice getting the primo slot right after the Superbowl. Same judges, same format… show of hands that thought this show would last through it’s first season? Thought so. This season, it’s up against Idol, interesting to see how it compares and how it fares in ratings.

Celebrity Apprentice likes to announce it’s cast niiiice and early to start capitalizing on the hype. We heard the cast announcement weeks ago… and we still have to wait another 2.5 weeks for the premiere. Highlights will be Lisa Lampanelli, George Takei and Clay Aiken, Adam Corrolla, Twisted Sister… running bake sales in NY. I love it, such great TV.

Survivor is two weeks away. Yep, I still watch and thoroughly invest time  in that show. This season, Redemption Island is gone (too bad, I was really fond of that new aspect), no ‘former palyers’ are returning (thank goodness) and the teams will both share one island! Oooh, intrigue!


Oh Canada! It was announced last week that The Bachelor Franchise would be spreading… to Canada. Yes, we’ve had Canadian Idol, SYTYCD Canada, we’re now getting a piece of the America’s Got Talent and Bachelor pie. Both are getting ready to be casted and aired in Canada this season. We know what to expect from both. Canada’s Got Talent has a pretty interesting judging panel (might even be better than the American counterpart… even WITH newbie Howard Stern). The Canadian contingent will include: Martin Short, Measha Brueggergosman, songwriter Stephan Moccio and TV host Dina Pugelise.

The Bachelor Canada was just announced, casting has just begun, even the location has not been decided as of yet. We know it’ll be shot in Toronto (no big surprise) and likely in a big ol’ mansion in the Bridle Path. And to answer your question, no, I will not be auditioning as the ‘lonely blogger looking for love’.

Lastly – I changed the TV Night banner… did you notice?




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