The Voice: Post Superbowl Premiere

6 02 2012

Good on NBC. We knew about this timeslot and this premiere a LONG time ago, we have been hearing about it ever since the announcement, we’ve seen commercials, we’ve read articles, Blake and his wife sang pre-show, Betty White got involved in the advertising, heck C-Lo was even on stage with Madonna to promote the show. There was hardly a post-game show… 15 minutes tops, then cut right to the ‘main’ post show event… The premiere of The Voice.

NBC is so proud of this show. This was the show that was filler last season. As soon as there was a crumb to nibble on, NBC made this show a chart topper. It has only been a few months since The Voice wrapped last season, yet here it is again. Capitalize on a captive audience. Also, it doesnt hurt to double bill it with The Superbowl.

Synergy. There’s an entire 30 Rock episode dedicated to ‘Synergy’ of brands… NBC isnt ashamed, nor shy about their synergies. Do you really think it was Madonna’s idea to have Cee-Lo as a guest on HER stage? Please.

Anyways, enough about that. It was a highly promoted premiere in a highly coveted timeslot – and The Voice delievered on it’s promise. Hot talent (without the duds and trainwrecks), Hot judging (with actual celebrities) and a Hot start to the new season.

It’s a great show, it’s not THAT different from American Idol, but it does a better job at straying from the franchise than X Factor.

Last thing:

X Factor=Pepsi
American Idol= Coke
The Voice = Starbucks

I wish I could write more about this. One day I’ll write a full analysis of the pychology of each show based on the brands of beverage they promote. Maybe it’s just spitting in a fresh wound… you know, after watching and critiquing commercials and ‘synergies’ for the past week.

New episode tonight. Boy, I could really go for an overpriced organic free trade coffee beverage with an italian name.




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