American Idol: Hollywood Week pt.1

9 02 2012

One of my favourite weeks on TV all year… Idol Hollywood Week !

I love catching up with old faces from auditions, I love seeing them take the stage and sing acapella, I love the backstage drama, and I LOVE group performances.

Last night, Hollywood week began (part one) and will continue tonight (part 2). So we saw the hopefuls take the stage and sing one song, acapella to remind the judges who they were and refresh our memories. Some people, kill this round. Some people have the confidence and gravitas to nail this kind of pressure to a wall and paint over. Some people want this dream so bad, they sing their hearts out of their chest to the judges. It’s ridiculous the talent some poeple have. Don’t you wish you could be THAT talented at….anything?

Some people choke on their nerves. If in that situation, that would likely be me. I feel like the cameras, the 3 judges, the empty stage and your peers looking on would be too much for the average person to handle. Talented or not. The key is to get excited rather than mortified. I feel for some of the people who have never left their town before, nevermind flown a thousand miles to the land of ‘opportunity’ in Hollywood. I also feel for those people who are blessed with a beautiful voice, but just DONT have a strong personality to give them the chutzpah it requires to perform under such pressure.

The real drama will unfold tonight – particularly after last night’s ‘cliff hanger’ as a girl literally take a nose dive off the stage. Also, group rounds really test the character and perseverance of the contestants. There are people who cannot work in ‘teams’. There are people who still require a full 9 hours of sleep to function. There are people who feel the need to cry in any stressful situation. Those truths are part of the formula that makes group day so…. entertaining.

Safe to say, I know exactly where I’ll be when the clock turns from 7:59 to 8:00 tonight.




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