American Idol: Hollywood Week Pt.2

10 02 2012

We knew there was going to be a Part 2 to Hollywood Week…. but did you know Part 2 was just the precursor to Part 3? A carrot dangler?

American Idol producers are having some fun with us this year. Fun isnt the word I was shouting last night at the TV when the episode ended abruptly, just before the first group got on stage.


We sat through all the pre-performance drama…. followed every storyline about singers without groups, diva group members, going to bed, not going to bed, victims of the Idol virus, stage parents…. etc etc etc. It was like an episode of Glee. Without the final performance.

We have to wait until next week to see the groups sing…. and I find that just plain cruel. We all know how excited I was to watch it last night, I was like a 13 year old watching “Never Say Never” for the first time. Except, by the end, I bet that 13 year was satisfied… I was left with a huge hole in TV Lovin’ heart.

Sigh. Enough about that – it gives me something to look forward to for next week, but until then….  I’m bitter.

Can we get to some of the drama that took place last night?

It started with the conclusion to the cliff hanger they left us with on wednesday – the 16 year old songbird literally falling face first off the stage. The staff rushed to the rescue, and called for medical. Now… we need to talk about the medical staff. The medical staff revived her to consciousness, asked her if she had eaten, and called for “a coke!” or “anything!” I almost fell off my chair. Coke?!?! Uh, when was the last time you presribed a person faint from malnourishment … a pop? Notice how it wasnt “get her a drink” or “grab some food from J-Lo’s catering trailer”. It was, first reaction, “Get us a Coke”. Appalling. The product placement deal has struck a new level of…low.

In any case, i’m sure they hopped into their FORD, grabbed their COKES and headed to the Hospital. The diagnosis was “eat more, drink more” to which her ingratiating stage dad said… “drink  more. That’s all”. Sponsored by Coke.

I had to talk about that, it really really bothered me… the whole situation. And the father is weird. Sorry.

Ok, back to the groups. The main storylines were…

The ‘cop’ who couldnt find a group. Reasons why?
1. She took to making formal announcements that she was ‘desperate’
2. but not desperate enough to sing any song other thatn the one she’d chosen.
3. Her opening line was ‘do you like cops?’
4. She looked like the kind of girl who might smother you in your sleep.

The Idol virus – gross. People are ralphing all over the place…notice how none of the judges or Ryan are anywhere to be seen? They are in their sterile LA safehouses. The contestants are living the movie Contagion.

There are plenty of meltdowns, plenty of disagreements, plenty of pesky parents hanging around… and of course, my very favourite… the question remains, to sleep or not to sleep? This comes up every year – there are those who make the case for gettng rest after a long, vocally intensive day. There are others, who demand that their group ‘dont rest til it’s perfect’ and pull all nighters.

I can’t talk about the performances, because we werent shown ANY. I have all week to be petty and stew over this.





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