Grammy Awards 2012: LIVE Blog

12 02 2012

LIVE from the comfort of my couch to yours… it’s the Grammy Awards and I’ve got my award show sweats on!

Obviously, the news of Whitney Houston is the dark theme behind the production and ceremony tonight. Everyone interviewed on the red carpet seems to have a ‘Whitney’ story. Celebs always want to be associated with other celebs. But I also think that Whitney Houston was such an icon and the proverbial ‘bar’ setter for power vocals… people feel like they are always trying to emulate her level of success and talent. The music biz will be hit hard, will it be Michael Jackson proportions? Perhaps… we’ll have to wait and see as the tributes and funeral arrangements are made.

But let’s get to the show… it is a big show! Adele! Gaga! Springsteen! Coldplay! Rihanna! Maroon 5! Tony Bennett!

Honestly, I am more excited for this year’s Grammys than any other in the past few years. I seriously hope it delivers…


Kicking it off with Bruce Springsteen in classic tight black jeans, Black perfectly fitted shirt, and his E Street band behind him. What an opening! Great music, still The Boss. Word of advice to other performers tonight… this is the bar.

LL Cool J is making a second career as ‘generic host’. Apparently he and Queen Latifa are listed as ‘professional hosts’ in the Hollywood directory of talent. I just dont see any other reason for him to continually be hired as a host. And that hat… sigh.
Anyways, he leads the audience in a prayer for Whitney and shows a tape of her Grammy dominance over the years. Wow, never gets old… that voice. It is ‘the voice’ of our time.

LL Cool J is making Adele uncomfortable. He also just called Paul McCartney his ‘homie’. I think the same people that wrote Obama’s ‘Yes we Can’ speeches, penned the end of his oration… really reaching now.

and count on Bruno Mars to bring back memories of vintage song and dance on the Ed Sullivan show. Love the live music, the gold suits, the tambourine player, the choreography…. and the Peter Pan hair. If you thought this night was going to be super sad and understated… Bruno Mars didn’t get the memo. (don’t worry, the time to shed tears will come later…)


Bonnie Rait and Alicia Keys take the stage to present the first award of the night. After they sing an Etta James classic… no, not THAT one. Can I just say that Alicia looks like Bruno Mars tonight, and Bonnie Rait looks like Arlene from Dragons Den? Great pairing though, two talented ladies with soul in their blood.

Best Pop Solo: Adele

There’s a reason you’re in the front row honey…
Tip: don’t thank everyone all at once… you’ll run out of content for your next award speech.

and the controversial return of Chris Brown. Who will the producers decide to ‘cut to’ in the crowd? Hmmm… keep your eyes out for that. Sigh, and I thought we might get a little further into the night without lip-synching and auto-tune.


Best Rap Performance: Jay Z and Kanye

*Huge eyeroll.* Like those two need anymore to feed their ego…I am thankful I didnt have to hear either of them humbly accept the award.

Wow, Reba looks fabulous! Presenting Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson – nothing groundbreaking about this duo. Two good voices, a good radio friendly song. I will give them credit for singing LIVE though…

I also give props to Kelly Clarkson for sticking around so long. She won the first American Idol YEARS ago… since then, she has been productive and consistently in the Top 100. How many other Idols can you name?! If I’m gonna be honest, I had never heard of Jason Aldean until this song came out… (getting ready to receive hate mail from country fans….sorry.)


Did Jack Black just label The Foo Fighters…Indy? Just because it looks like they don’t have regular showers, doesn’t give them ‘Indy Cred’. However, they are rockin’ out in a Grammy pavilion outside the actual Grammy stage… did they request their own beer tent? Strange…

Glad the Grammys booked a real honest to goodness rock n roll band to play… even if they did stick them out with the riff raff.


Rihanna/Coldplay collaboration…
Opens with a shaky vocal by Rihanna, might have something to do with the fact that she was writhing on the ground. Props, this girl is SINGING while dancing. Multi taskers are rare in this scene. In comes Chris Martin  stripped down with a beat up guitar (that likely costs more than your car…) Apparently the theme of their album was glow in the dark mini putt. THink about it, you’ll agree.

Chris Martin obviously more comfortable with this format than Rihanna… vocals werent great from RiRi on this occasion. Coldplay emerges to play my gym song of the moment, Paradise. Reminds me… I skipped the elliptical tonight. #guilty


Um, the awards vs the performances ratio is really lopsided. #giveoutthehardware

Tip: don’t let athletes speak. in public.

Best Rock Performance: Foo Fighters

Big shocker. The ‘Indy’ band that performed minutes ago gets the award. Because the Decemberists are too mainstream. The Foo Fighters need to stop trying to be the Rock n Roll evangelists. I’m just sayin’… I’d like them better.

Now Ryan Seacrest is stealing Bruni Mars’ Peter Pan hair.

Maroon 5 doing Beachboys? Adam Levine is the only falsetto in the building that could take this on… Foster the People steps in and does a pretty great job of ‘Wouldnt it be Nice’. This whole night is turning into a 60’s variety show throwback… Paul McCartney is having flashbacks.

But this tribute wouldnt be complete without… The (actual) Beachboys! Good Vibrations indeed! My psychedelic senses are tingling! Are more people tripping out to this or the Coldplay light show? Hmmm…


The hat is back. LL introduces Stevie Wonder… who carries a harmonica and a tune everywhere he goes.

I’m LOVING this trio… Paul McCartney, Diana Krall and Joe Walsh! #squeal
I hope this doesnt mean Paul is producing a ‘standards’ album a la Rod Stewart… I’m not ready or open to Paul the Vegas lounge singer.

More non music presenters… If they let Paris Hilton speak, I’m going to bed.

Best R&B Album: Chris Brown

So, we are over it, right? If we can forgive R Kelly, we can forgive this kid? #cantforget

This is a pretty great intro to Taylor Swift, give the Civil Wars their own stage! Ah, but they dont sing about famous break ups… so uninteresting.

Swifty is a talented chick, and she knows how to please a crowd. Her presentation is always top notch. Tonight her backdrop and band are 1920’s jugband at a speakeasy. And banjo sales just spiked. Not gonna lie, I might buy one tomorrow if I could look that fancy-free chic playing it.


Song of the Year: Adele

Starting to get the hang of it now…

Katy Perry performs… which one of her umpteen hits will she sing? SHe starts with E.T, then abruptly moves into her new song about to skyrocket up the charts. Wayta bring back ‘crimping’, I thought that was long gone circa 1995.

This new song… is a divorce soundtrack. A prenup inspired tune perhaps? seems calculated and timely.

Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley present…

Best Country Album: Lady Antebellum

The Grammys love this group. They got a lot of love last year, and are still reaping the awards.


Somehow, Gwyneth Paltrow gets the honour of introducing Adele. Is that because she’s, like, kinda british?

Adele gets a HUGE ovation, and starts off her mega-hit Rolling in the Deep in stunning acapella (take THAT throat surgery). Safe to say this is the most anticipated performance of the entire year. Pure adoration from everyone in the audience – this uber talented young woman is the Queen of the night.

exhaltation. It’s refreshing to see a female performer SING…without costumes, dancing, sex or pyrotechnics.


Taylor Swift, fresh off a devastating loss, presents aTribute to Glenn Campbell (???) with The Band Perry and Blake Shelton. Scratch that. Tomorrow I’m buying a Mandolin.

If this was any other year, this tribute wouldve been performed by Rascal Flatts and Faith Hill. I’m happy for the change.
By the way, more people on their feet dancing to Rhinestone Cowboy than Chris Brown’s…song.

Have you noticed? This show is seriously lacking… Gaga?! She’s had a few cameos, but I guess unless you’re wearing meat or spikey couture your camera time will seriously suffer.


Carrie Underwood is pretty. and sparkly. She brings out her duet partner, Tony Bennett.

Best New Artist: Bon Iver

shocking. No Lana Del Ray?

and here comes the ‘In Memoriam’… Kind of a ‘full’ year of loss. So much talent gone in the past year. And yes, they had time to slip Whitney Houston in there…

and time to make the call to Jennifer Hudson to sing Whitney’s signature song. I Will Always Love You. She does a stand up job, but the soul behind that song will always be Whitney in her prime.


Now a tribute to Dance music in the Foo Fighters beer tent. Not featuring Adele.

Lil Wayne is wearing spongebob slippers… I think.


Best Record: Adele

I think i’m going to start saying ‘thank you’ ‘fank you’ from now on… has a nice ring to it.

Nicki Minaj performs a musical exorcism…. complete with dancing deacons, popes and men of the cloth. I get it. ‘Edgy’ and provocative…I just don’t enjoy pushing the envelope simply for shock value. However, I will agree that the hovering effect was pretty wicked… pun intended.

time for the last award of the night, the best picture… I mean, Best Album.

Best Album: Adele

See now? Isnt it a stroke of “luck” that she wasnt somewhere in the back row…? I do love that every time she went up tonight she grew in ‘crew’ members behind her. For this last one, she’s got the entire cast from Modern Family or something… huge ‘lot’ to ‘fank’ for this records success.

She stole the night, and what a story. The first time I heard Rolling in the Deep I was absolutely captivated, I still think it’s the best song of the year and gives me the best results on my elliptical. The frst time I heard Someone Like You, I wept on public transit. I did. Seriously, you don’t believe me. I think it’s the most gut wrenching, heart breaking song out there… and if you havent heard the entire album, give it a go. It’s fantastic and she deserves the night she had.

Legend Paul McCartney wasnt just in ateendance to sing one measley song, he ended the show too! He sang the last half of Abbey Road Side B (oh, sorry… my Beatle geek is showing). Joining him for Carry that Weight was Bruce, David Groll and a few other, then he concluded the night with one of the best ‘last lines’ in music history (shame on you LL for screwing it up!)

“and in the end, the love your take, is equal to the love you make”.


Goodnight and Fank you for joining me…




2 responses

12 02 2012

coldplay and rihanna were awesome as well as the beach boys. but coldplay should have gotten that grammy!!!

13 02 2012
Jackie stringer

Fank you Chrissi… I wasn’t able to watch the show but I thoroughly enjoyed your blog !
Big Fanks !:-)

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