The Bachelor: Final 6 February 13

14 02 2012

What’s worse planning? That The Bachelor missed landing onValentines Day, by one day…. or that The Biggest Loser just happens to  fall on Valentines day?

Either way. The universe is ironic and cruel. I think we can all agree on that.

So last night, the final 6 single ladies drew one step closer to spending Valentines Day with Ben. But even if they don’t, they get to spend an all inclusive vacation in a tropical paradise. Not a bad consolation.

This is a big week, it’s the week BEFORE hometown visits (easily my favourite episode of every season). So the girls are starting to ‘see their future’ with Ben… making the elimination process that much more emotional and devastating.

First One on One – another ‘take the plunge’ metaphor with Lindzi (yes, the horse girl). Not to say I don’t liek Lindzi, but I’m really getting testy with the dialogue she’s been given on this date. Love is NOTHING like jumping from a helicopter. Taking a leap of faith in a relationship is not that same as taking a dive into the ocean. It’s just simply ludicrous to continue perpetuating these metaphors… If the producers were really looking to provide context to LOVE, they should have the contestants do his dirty laundry for a month, make dinner every night, pretend to like his friends, set up a 2 hour sunday morning phone call with his mom every week, pack his lunch every morning, ask about his day each night, root for his favourite team…. I mean, LOVE is not jumping, it’s standing.

anyways, the date went well… she got a rose.

Meanwhile, Courtney continues to push everyones buttons by moping and crying about her lack of ‘date time’ with Ben. Also, she has decided to throw out the empty threat that she wont accept a rose if she doesnt get a one on one this week. Oh, and also, she loves and values her family too much to bring him home to them if he doesnt give her the one on one date.

So you can imagine her neurosis as her worst enemy, Emily, gets a date card for a one on one. Intrigue!

Ben takes Emily (who reminds me strangely of Ali from a few seasons past) on a cultural walk through Belize. Then, the fisherman tells them they’ll have to catch their own lobseters for dinner. If I’m Emily, I’m pissed. Seriously?! What is this, Survivor? Anyways, she thinks it’s spontaneous and whimsical and romantic.

Back at the house, Courtney is still moping, untilt he date card arrives and her spirits are lifted. a One on ONe with Ben. Her response? “oh snap!”. The other girls response? “It took every fiber of my being not to jump across the room and stab her in the face”. Nice.

Courtney and Ben have a picnic on the steps of an ancient ruin. How are there no tourists and gift shops at this location? Anywhere else and there would be a price of admission and a mascot. At any rate, Courtney and Ben break bread and talk about her insecurities. Ben looks genuinely concerned that he may have lost his model girlfriend and desperately looks for some water in which to skinny dip and rekindle. No such luck, he recovers by assuring her that ‘waht they ahve is real’. Theres a fresh new line.

On the group date, the left over girls hop on a catamaran for the day with Ben. each girl has their moment to plead their case with Ben and tell him how much he’ll be loved by their family. This seesm to be the week where the girls are revealing their feelings for Ben. Every girl is either falling, or has fallen in love with Ben. Amazing, What a stud.

They also stage an inervention. Sort of. Ben and the girls sip drinks by the pool, and naturally, the topic of Courtney’s intentions come up. Ben always seems completely naive to the situation. He also tries to act like he cares. Ladies, men don’t stew over and self destruct over gossip int he same way we do. They hear it, they deal with it, they move on. In his mind, he’s dealt with it. He’s over it. However, he will address it one more time for the show’s sake…

At the Rose Ceremony…

Before Ben hands out the roses, he takes Courtney aside to ask about her ‘reasons for being here’. Courtney once again proved that she is a master-ess of deception, and of manipulating Bens mind. Maybe she is perfect for him.

Roses and hometown dates go to: Kacie B, Lindzi, Nicki and…. Courtney!

So arch nemisis Emily and Rachel go home, one week away from the hometown showdown. As I said, and we all agreed, the universe is cruel. This show aired the day before Valentines day… where are these poor girls curled up weeping today?




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