Wednesday February 15th: TV Night

15 02 2012

Holy TV Night Batman! It’s a PVR overload tonight…

Need a refresher?

Survivor: One World”  PREMIERES tonight! (I’m trying to look past the lame-name. Sounds like a video game…no?)


American Idol CONTINUES with a 2 hour GROUP WEEK tonight! (remember how I said I would never forgive producers for making me wait a week to hear actual singing? Well, I’m over it. My night has arrived.)


it’s Wednesday night which means Modern Family, CSI and Criminal Minds are ALL new and ALL on tonight.

It’s an embarrassment of TV riches.

Remember those nights, like 2 weeks before Christmas when there was quite literally NOTHING on TV and you were waiting for the Yule Log to air? Or how about those weeks in the summer when you are forced to watch The Bachelor Pad or insipid game shows with washed up hosts. You almost felt guilty staying in and watching TV. I mean, wouldnt you just have salivated at the thought of a TV night like this one? It’s happening to me right now, I’m sitting at work licking my lips at the thought of my TV line up for tonight.

You know they say there are 3 types of people.

Those who live for the Anticipation, those who live in the Moment and those who live to Talk about it.

Let me share a little something with you. I am a person who lives for the anticipation – excitment about a trip or an event or the expectation of something ‘happening’ makes me lose sleep, lose focus and at times, lose my mind. The event itself may be great, may be just OK, may be a dud… The build up is what I live for. People who live in the moment, enjoy each exciting event as it’s happening. Those who live to talk about it are your classic ‘takes a million pictures’ ‘posts everything to facebook’ ‘has a million stories’ ‘makes a scrapbook’ after the fact… that’s their enjoyment, reliving and retelling.

As an “Anticipation” person, this day is killing me.

What can I tell you about tonight…
There are a few new twists on this most recent installation of Survivor (besides the cheeseball name). Redemption Island is no more, and the teams are now sharing the same camp… I’m very interested to see how that works or doesnt work. I get the feeling the social game is becoming more and more important.

So you know where I’ll be tonight… hope you’ll join me in enjoying what promises to be a great TV Night.




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