American Idol: Vegas Week

17 02 2012

From the initial auditions, to Hollywood solos, Hollywood Groups, then to Vegas where each will performa in a group and then likely one more solo in order to make the Top…whatever. American Idol is a GRIND, like… it’s serious business. I highly doubt, that with this format we are going to see subpar performers anywhere CLOSE to Top 10. In the past, we’ve seen people like Sanjaya make it to the Top 10… that could NEVER happen with the rigourous audition process the contestants are put through in recent seasons.

Not only do you have to blow the judges away acapella, you have to stand out from a group, work with vocal coaches, create choreography, sing on massive Vegas stages and work with a full band behind you. And every time, you have to be a Star. You have to out perform the people in your group, outperform your last performance and outperform previous performers. Intense! There will not be a ‘filler’ voice in the  group once this is all said and done.

I think the process is long, a little bit confusing ( why did they go to Vegas?) and seems to be making people seriously ill (I’ve seen more people ralph on this show than on Fear Factor). However, I feel like in the end, we are going to have a VERY strong Final group which will translate into a VERY entertaining season. Usually, there are one or two real stand outs… from my calculation, there is a group of about 10 that I am already certain haev the potential to make huge waves in this competition and beyond.

The groups performed ‘the full package’ last night. And kudos to the producers for letting us see most group performances from start to finish rather than chopping each song into sound bites and snippets. These numbers were like watching a Broadway or Vegas audition – they were professional, they were rehearsed to a tee, they were theatrical and inspiring. The talent these people have is insane. I wish for jsut one day I could feel what it’s liek to have THAT kind of power and beauty in my voice. Each person that hit the stage has a true gift… and that’s what’s exciting about watching this show. When do you ever get to see so many fantastic performances by such a wide variety of voices? Don’t say GLEE… it aint the same.

I’m happy as a clam to see these artists hit homerun after homerun, song after song…

It’s going to be a GREAT season, but a hard season… one where I’m torn every week, and spitting mad at the ‘voters’ every thursday night.





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