The Bachelor: Hometown Dates February 20

21 02 2012

I’m almost glad I didnt remember until last night that it was Hometown Date night on The Bachelor.

I wouldve been too excited and over analytical the days leading up to monday night, much better to be pleasantly surprised in my case.

Let’s get right into it shall we… 4 girls, 4 hometowns.

Lindzi – Somewhere Horsey and Southern 

No surprise,  remember, this is the girl who rode in on a horse. Ben says some drivel like ‘ I knew she liked horses, but I didnt know it was such a  big part of her’. Really? You mean you didnt expect that her dad would challenge you to a carriage race? Or that he would admit to you that they kept Lindzi away from boys so she could focus on her horses? Ben seemed very comfortable with the family dynamic, and there’s not alot to not like about Lindzi. She is pretty down to earth, and so are her parents. But is this the kind of life Ben sees himself living? You can take the girl out of her hometown, but you can’t take the hometown out of the girl. Y’know?

Oh, and if you wanted a Bachelor drinking game for the evening… the word is ‘falling’ or ‘love’.

Becuase each girl is now ready to say… I am falling in Love with Ben OR I have fallen in Love wth Ben OR I can see myself falling in love with Ben. See the differences? Well, wither way… you’re going to get a little tipsy if you’re playing along.


Kacie B – in another Southern place

Remember on their first date when Kacie B stole a baton from the store to show Ben her skills? Well, he’s on HER turf now, and she put together a little show for him – complete with highschool marching band. Remember when Tenley DANCED for Jake? That was an awkward moment for everyone. I am getting that same feeling from this ‘entrance’… imagine for a moment what Ben is thinking. “Holy crap. This is a grown woman, performing a baton twirling routine from her grade 9 glory days. Yikes.” The rest of the date… unbelievably, went downhill from there. Ben meets her daddy, and daddy does not give his blessing for a proposal at the end of this. Then mommy tells Ben that she would not approve of them living together. 2 strikes… plus the baton twirling?


Nicki, in yet another Southern Horse place.

This horse place is scarier than the first horseplace. Because this horseplace is like the MGM backlot they forgot to tear down after John Waynes last picture wrapped. Ben and Nicki go to the tack shop for a boot fittin’ and cowboy outfittin’. Ben gets a really really nerdy hat and uncomfortable looking boots. Under the hat, his hair looks like a bowl cut a la all the little boys in my calss circa 1995. Not a hot look. But Ben says he’s living out a fantasy…. but playing cowboy dress up is different than living it. The guy who did your fitting… you know, the one with the grey mullet and mutten chops? That guy lives it. Nicki seems to have a nice family, Ben seems to enjoy himself and the father bestows a tearful blessing on the couple.


Courtney in…. not California.

I expected a Californian family, with Real Housewifes taste. You know, like Chantel O’s family a few seasons past… statues, pools, vaulted ceilings and catering. Instead, we went to her familys home in Arizona where we met her sister and her parents. I always study the interaction between the contestants and their families… particularly their ciblings, because it’s hard to fake that relationship. Courtney was very sweet, very natural and very respectful of the household. The vibe was actually very inviting and friendly. Courtney had a talk with her sister that seemed like a candid conversation between sisters (unlike the one between Kacie B and her sis…where Kacie B did ALL the talking and the sister nodded, twice.) erhaps Courtney is misunderstood, mis-edited, mis-represented on this show… beacuse in her element, she certainly disnt ONCE seem like a manipulative hater.

However, if I were any of the other girls – I would be extremely upset about 2 things.

1. The skinny dipping thing.
2. The fake wedding thing.

Courtney has been naked with Ben, and has now basically gone through the motions of marrying Ben. Does anyone else actually stand a chance?

I think at this point, the girls are jockeying for the position as next Bachelorette… the Miss Congeniality prize, rather than the real prize (Ben… I have to keep reminding myself of that.)

So at the rose ceremony, it’s no surprise that Kacie B is sent home. Ben steered clear away from that family disaster. He knew, that if things got any more serious he’s have to have THAT arguement with Kacie’s parents. The one that goes against all their moral values and Kacie’s entire upbringing.

I’ll bet he wasnt looking forward to that.

So the final 3 remain: Courtney, Lindzi and Nicki.





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