American Idol: 14 of Top 24 Revealed

23 02 2012

Last night, the first 14 of the Top 24 were revealed.

I don’t know what to title this post. Is it still Vegas Week? Is it the Top 24, or is it “part one” of the Top 24 selection? It’s confusing, they are drawing this process out FARRRR too long for my liking (and you know me, any extra Idol on TV makes me happy).

It’s seriously over dramatic – the contestants walk down a smokey aisle to a stage surrounded by water and Vegas set pieces ominously looming overhead. We then ‘look back’ at their journey – from audition to their final solo. It helps us remember certain people, but it’s still a bit much. These are now mini soap operas we are forced to follow from day 1. It never used to be that way – they’d remind you by showing one clip of them either auditioning, or singing in group week. Now we get to relive every performance, and recall every sentimental backstory.

At this rate, Idol is going to be crowning a winner… in 2013. (AFTER 2 seasons have aired of The Bachelor)

I kid, I kid. We love this stuff…right?

Last night, half of the Top 24 was announced.

Here’s the List:

Baylie Brown
Colton Dixon
Creighton Fraker
Reed Grimm
Heejun Han
Jen Hirsh
Haley Johnsen
Joshua Ledet
Phillip Phillips
Jessica Sanchez
Chelsea Sorrell
Elise Testone
Erika Van Pelt
Brielle Von Hugel

 Some obvious frontrunners (many for which the build up was unneccessary) like Hejun, Colton, Philip, Jen, Reed, Haley etc. Producers gave us one more reason to hate the process by leaving us hanging with the emotional new dad Adam Brock. (I dont think this is as much a cliffhanger as they would like us to think… are you really going to let one of the best singers to ever grace an Idol stage go?)




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