Survivor One World: February 22

23 02 2012

Episode 2 of the ALL NEW season of Survivor.

Remember the rant I went on last week? The one about the producers finally giving Women a chance to bear greater roles and responsibility and step up their game?

Well, I don’t think THESE particular women got the memo.

From my seat on the couch, as a long-time dedicated Survivor watcher, I can fix any problem and lay a lot of blame. However, I also constantly have to remind myself that things are different when you are LIVING it rather than just being an armchair critic of a situation. I believe there are some strong women on this tribe, I also commend the fact that they decided to name a leader and take some direction. I give full marks to Sabrina for stepping into that role without being petty or catty or overtly authoritative. Assigning roles was probably a smart move (if not a little bit ‘animal farm’ mixed with ‘Lord of the Flies’) because it establishes some semblance and order.

Another good move? Refusing to be Colton’s ‘Saturday night with the girls’. You know what I mean. Colton has a ‘hard week’ and needs a girls night to gossip and fawn and complain about the elements. It’s obvious that Colton is an odd fit at the boys camp, but then, so is Leif, Greg and even Jonas and Bill. You have to find a few other misfits and ban together despite differences. Mid way through the episode, Colton caught on. He showed his Idol (mind out of the gutter) to a select group, who made an about-face the instant they realized… they should be friends with the Idol carrier.

Not that the boys have anything to worry about. They may not see  Tribal Council until the merge.

Another challenge lost by the women because they lack communication skills and teamwork. This challange was ALL about teamwork – the women were scattered and trying to be a one-woman show. The major weak link was Kat, but to be fair… she was the only one to try. Had someone else been the first to attempt the balance beam walk…. would the results have been different, or would there be another scapegoat?

The challenge may have been lost by Kat, but apparently the women are hanging onto the archaic strategy of voting out the oldest and keeping the young. Nina was first on the chopping block. She isnt in the group of ‘5’ that decided to align themselves in the first 5 minutes of the game.

At Tribal Council, Kat embarassed herself even more by wilting under pressure from others about her lack of execution. Didnt matter. Nina was voted out. The Ex LAPD.

I don’t see much changing on this tribe unless the women can find a way to be better communicators than the men. That’s the one true strength advantage they potentially have over their male counterparts. Can they get it together? It’s just getting embarassing.





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24 02 2012

Alas, another person that loves Survivor, My all time favorite (I’m looking over to the right and it seems you like “idol” too).Colton, I don;t like. Not because he’s gay but because he treats his team mates awfully despite their efforts to be accepting. Oh well …his days are numbered. Wow … so you think the guys may not even have tribal council until the merge. Hmmmm. I can see that happening because there seems to be no strife in their camp least not yet.
Looks like its going to be an very interesting season.

24 02 2012
C Sheppard

Always happy to meet fellow Survivor and Idol fans!
Thanks for stopping by for a chat.

I think it’s highly plausible that if the Women continue to in-fight and vote out strong players, they will struggle to win any challenges.

Idol is going to be a fantastic competition this season. There are some very strong singers, very unique perforeares and overall… I think a much more competitive group of artists. Usually, there are one or two that have the talent to be super stars… in this bunch, there are more than 10 I’d surmise.

Enjoy your TV Nights – drop in any time!

25 02 2012
Moment Matters

Nina is among the strongest persons in the girl’s tribe, their hope for winning even if they don’t get their teamwork on. That’s just dumb, and they’ll keep on voting themselves every tribal council.

27 02 2012
C Sheppard

Can’t say I disagree…their game plan is seriously lacking structure and foresight.
Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

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