The Bachelor: Final 2 February 27th

28 02 2012

The Final 3 episode is always one of my favourites of the Bachelor season. The final contestants meet the Bachelor in a romantic location (“the best place to fall in love”), each get the most ‘one on one’ time with him that they’ve had COMBINED all season long, each have the painful decision to make whether or not to ‘forgo their individiual rooms’ for the Fantasy suite, and invariably, each girl finds a way to tell Ben ‘how they are really feeling’ … which is, IN LOVE. If you dont say that, you’ve got no chance. Also, if you dont take the card, you’ve got no chance.

So last night… the girls and Ben met in Switzerland (brought to you by the Tourism Board of The Alps.) which is kind of a nice place, and according to the girls… the best place to ‘be in love’. I’m sure there are other places that would fit that bill… but sure, Switzerland would be a great place to be in love.

Bens first date is with Nicki – who wants us all to know, she loves Ben and she’s sticking with the metaphor schtick. Ben and Nicki get on yet another helicopter (yawn) and take an aerial tour of the Alps. Because “our love is soaring to new heights, but it’s also grounded”. Seriously, she just said that. Cornball. They have a picnic on the top of a mountain and discuss how much Ben LOVED her family, and Ben is going to regret saying he thought her dad reminded him of his dad (that’s heavy, and Nicki knows it). In hindsight,  Nicki might regret referring to love as ‘the L bomb’. Just a guess.

Of course she takes the Fantasy Suite card. This is Bens first stop on the Fantasy Suite Tour…


Ben meets Lindzi for a romantic (?!) plunge down the side of a mountain in harnesses. Would Courtney have done this? In fact, has Ben made Courtney do anything other than picnic and hand hold? He has certainly put other girls in death-defying situations to ‘prove their love’. It was not a great date in my opinion, it looked uncomfortable, but maybe it built lifelong memories for the couple.

Their night together was better – the dinner conversation was easy and Ben said TWICE to the camera that he LOVED her. Interesting. Ususally the lead keeps that to themselves… it’s calculated and totally not a slip of the tongue by any means… so the producers WANT us to hear this. They spend the night in Room #2 of the Fantasy Suite Tour…


Ben meets with Courtney after an eventful Hometown Date. They traverse the small Swiss town and fnd a pastoral place to have…a  picnic! How thrilling! They play a rousing game of ‘Hey Cow’ (which s exactly what it sounds like) and Courtney opines about her ‘journey’ through this process. Ben finally brings up the fact that…. nobody seems to like her. I thought he made a great point about how he’s got a lot of female influencers in his life, and it will be important that she gets along with all of them.

Courtney apologizes and tries to explain herself both directly to Ben and in her interview – was it sincere enough for you? I actually didn’t mind it, I thought she tapped into her emotions fairly successfully. I see her as a girl conflicted by the show – she probably DOES have a hard time getting along with females, but in this environment, she was also encouraged to make drama where she shouldnt have. It doesnt make me like her, but I do feel like she’s gotten the combination of a bad edit and an awkward personality.

Is there any question that she takes the Fantsy Suite Tour to Room #3?

The dramatic return of Kacie B was nothing more than filler for 15 minutes. She arrives. She has a panic attack. She asks why Ben dumped her at the last Rose Ceremony. Ben pretty much drops the bomb that it was her family that threw him off. Kacie B gives her last words of advice against choosing Courtney. Ben lets her leave without actually saying goodbye, and after a brief lie down on the floor of his hotel….Kacie B’s Swiss vacation is over.

At the Rose Ceremony–  the 3 girls line up, and two roses are placed in front of Ben. And the Final 2 are selected…Ben picked Lindzi (horse girl) and Courtney (evil model) … eliminating Nicki.





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